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Best Chain Cleaner for Motorcycle: Ultimate Grime Busters

Did you know that a clean motorcycle chain can save about 12 watts of power?

But do those chain cleaner products really work as advertised? Curious which ones the gearheads and bike blogs actually recommend?

These specialized products are essential for keeping your chain free of grime and gunk, which can lead to wear and tear, reduced performance, and even nasty chain snaps. But with so many options out there, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

We’ve put a bunch of popular chain cleaners to the test, evaluating their cleaning power, ease of use, and overall value.

Spoiler alert – not all live up to the hype! But a few standouts constantly earn praise. You’ll be surprised by who steals the show.

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Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Comparison Table

FeatureMaxima 75920 Clean-UpMotul C1 Chain Clean & C2 Lube KitMuc-Off Motorcycle Chain CleanerHonda Pro Chain Lube & Cleaner ComboWD-40 Bike Chain Lube & Cleaner
TypeDegreaserCleaner & Lube KitDegreaserCleaner & Lube ComboCleaner & Lube Kit
Cleaning PowerStrongStrongStrongStrongGood
Ease of UseEasy spray-on applicationEasy spray-on, requires separate lube applicationEasy spray-on, needs brush for thorough cleaningEasy spray-on, requires separate brush applicationEasy spray-on, needs brush for thorough cleaning
LongevityLong-lastingMultiple usesLong-lastingMultiple usesMultiple uses
Special FeaturesPowerful yet gentle formulaAll-in-one kit, includes brush, gloves, and storage bagFresh watermelon scent, minimal effort requiredDeveloped by Honda, no-fling lube formulaFoaming formula, safe on all surfaces
DrawbacksStrong fumes, may stain, needs outdoor useIndividual products are consumables, might be overkill for someMore expensive than some, included lube is averageSlightly higher cost than some brands, some prefer different lube consistencyOverspray can dissolve unintended grease, average lube quality
Best suited forRegular cleaning, various riding conditionsConvenient all-in-one solutionDeep cleaning, environmentally conscious ridersHonda riders, those seeking long-lasting protectionBudget-minded riders, quick cleaning and lubrication
Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Comparison Table

Frequency of Chain Cleaning: Recommendations vary on how often to clean motorcycle chains. Some suggest cleaning the chain every 750-1,000 miles, while others recommend more frequent cleanings every 300-600 miles. For example, road bikes need less cleaning than off-road bikes. If you ride in the city or do off-road dirt biking, you might need to lubricate the chain more frequently.

The Absolute Best Chain Cleaner for Motorcycle

Maxima 75920 Clean-Up Chain Cleaner

Maxima 75920 Clean-Up Chain Cleaner


  • Powerful cleaning formula that cuts through dirt and grime easily
  • Gentle on chains and will not damage O-rings or chrome
  • Effective for deep cleans or regular preventative maintenance
  • Affordable price

Buying Options

🎯What We Love

  • Deep cleans chains with minimal scrubbing
  • Keeps chains lubricated
  • Great for light maintenance to heavy duty cleaning
  • Long lasting; one bottle provides multiple uses

⛔Things To Consider

  • Strong smell that can linger in garages
  • May stain if drips are not wiped up properly
  • Best applied outside due to fumes

If you’re looking for the best chain cleaner for motorcycle, look no further than the Maxima 75920 Clean-Up. Among the cleaners we’ve tried, this one stands out with its cleaning power, without damaging the chain.

This stuff is no joke – it cuts through grime like melted butter. Just spray it on and watch the dirt dissolve before your eyes.

Whether you’ve ridden a few miles or a few hundred, one treatment has your chain sparkling better than the day you bought it. But for all its muscle, it never damages chrome, aluminum or precious O-rings.

Where this cleaner really shines is its versatility. Need a deep clean after a muddy trail ride? No problem.

Just spray, scrub a bit and the muck falls away. Preventative maintenance between rides is also a breeze. A quick spray and wipe down keeps your chain slick and riding smooth.

Now the downside – this cleaner packs quite a punch, so do yourself a favor and work outside. The fumes will stink up your garage for days. Also have some old rags on hand to wipe up drips, as the cleaner can potentially stain.

At its affordable price, this Maxima product easily outperforms the competition. Whether you ride daily or occasional trails, it’ll keep your chain performing at its best. You’ll wonder how you road without it.

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MOTUL 109767 Motorcycle Chain Clean Lube Kit C1 C2 Complete MC Care System Road Street

MOTUL 109767 Motorcycle Chain Clean Lube Kit


  • All-in-one kit with cleaner, lube, brush, gloves and storage bag
  • Easy one-step cleaning and lubrication process
  • Purpose-built products that are optimized for motorcycle chains

Buying Options

🎯What We Love

  • Simplifies cleaning routine
  • Keeps hands and bike drivetrain mess-free
  • Long-lasting durable components
  • Competitively priced versus buying items separately

⛔Things To Consider

  • Might be overkill for occasional riders
  • Cleaner and lube could dry out chains more quickly for heavy use
  • Expense upfront compared to cheaper alternative brands

If you’re anything like me, keeping your motorcycle chain clean and well-lubed can be a real chore.

It seems no matter how diligently I apply lube, grime and grit always find their way into those tight links. And trying to clean and re-lubricate with discrete products often turns into a greasy, messy affair.

Well, brothers and sisters, say goodbye to those cleaning frustrations. I’ve found a great motorcycle chain cleaning kit that will simplify your chain maintenance routine.

The Motul 109767 addresses all the pain points of cleaning and protecting your chain in one handy package.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips – a powerful cleaning solution, premium chain lube optimized for riding conditions, sturdy cleaning brush, gloves to keep your hands pristine, and even a handy carrying case.

The C1 Chain Clean quickly cuts through old lube, dirt and deposits with minimal scrubbing. And the C2 Chain Lube Road forms an impermeable barrier that repels debris while reducing friction.

No more scouring crud from deep within tight spaces – the ergonomic brush conforms to chains so you get spots sparkling clean without hassle.

And the supple gloves allow for a good grip without sacrificing tactile feedback. Once depleted, just toss everything back in the durable travel bag for your next session.

Sure, the individual products may seem a bit pricey at first glance. But when you consider the kit pays for itself by eliminating standalone cleaner and lube expenses over time, it’s a steal.

Plus, nothing ruins a ride like noticing your chain is starting to corrode – this kit means protection and peace of mind mile after mile.

Muc Off Motorcycle Chain Cleaner, 13.5 fl oz – Chain Cleaner and Degreaser Spray for Motorcycle Cleaning

Muc Off Motorcycle Chain Cleaner


  • Powerful grease-cutting formula removes even stubborn dirt and grime with ease
  • Fresh watermelon scent leaves your chain smelling great
  • Minimal effort required – just spray and wipe
  • Won’t stain or damage paint, plastic or other surfaces

Buying Options

🎯What We Love

  • Deep cleans any chain quickly and effectively
  • Gentle on O-rings and other components
  • Environmental and rider friendly ingredients

⛔Things To Consider

  • On the pricier side compared to other cleaners
  • Included lube is only average quality
  • Needs to be paired with a brush for thorough cleaning

Friends, if you’re looking for the best motorbike chain cleaner, look no further than Muc-Off Motorcycle Chain Cleaner.

After putting it through its paces on multiple dirty chains, I can say it’s a good product.

What makes Muc-Off stand out is its advanced grease-cutting formula. This stuff cuts through tough grime like it ain’t no thing.

Whether you’ve got thick chain oil residue baked on or just regular road dirt, Muc-Off will break it all down with minimal effort on your part. Just spray it on and let it work its magic. No more elbow grease needed!

I recently used it to clean the filthy chain on a bike I’d just bought. Man, was that thing disgusting. But Muc-Off made light work of it – within minutes the grease was melting away before my eyes.

An old toothbrush made short work of the remaining muck. It was extremely satisfying to see that chain transformed.

And the best part? Muc-Off leaves your chain, and anything else it touches, smelling fresh. The watermelon scent is a nice bonus! No stinky chemicals lingering afterwards.

Cleanup is a breeze too – it doesn’t seem to stain or mark up paint or plastic at all.

Now it is on the pricier side, but I’ll gladly pay more for the deep clean and low-fuss results.

Plus, being non-toxic means it’s safer for the environment and your precious O-rings.

Don’t get me wrong, Muc-Off ain’t perfect. The included lube is just average. But for chain cleaning prowess alone, it’s good one in my book.

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Honda Pro Chain Lube (15oz) and Chain Cleaner (15oz) Combo Kit

Honda Pro Chain Lube


  • Deep cleaning power removes all dirt and grime safely
  • Protects chain with a no-fling, long-lasting lube
  • Convenient combo pack for one-stop chain care
  • Developed by Honda to meet their performance standards

Buying Options

🎯What We Love

  • Effortlessly cuts through built-up muck
  • Keeps chains rolling smoothly and quietly
  • Cans go a long way, good value over time
  • Backed by renowned Honda R&D

⛔Things To Consider

  • Upfront cost slightly higher than some brands
  • Lube consistency preferences vary – some prefer Honda blue can
  • “Hazardous” shipping increases delivery price

Friends, if you’re looking for the best motorcycle chain cleaner and lube, look no further than the Honda Pro Chain Lube and Cleaner Combo Kit.

We’ve been using this set on our bikes for a while now, and have been mighty impressed with the results.

For starters, this combo really cleans deep. The cleaner safely and easily cuts through all the grime that builds up on our chains over time.

Just a quick scrub with the included brush melts everything away – we’ve even started using it on other dirty parts around the garage! Its degreasing power is no joke.

Once clean, the lube goes on smooth. It doesn’t leave that sticky residue like some cheaper brands. Instead, it gives just the right amount of protection, keeping elements out and our chains rolling silently.

Honda’s no-fling formula means less mess too – no more dark spray all down our swingarms.

It’s true this kit costs a little more up front. But considering how far the cans go – we’ve gotten at least 3-4 good treatments from each – it ends up being pretty reasonable in the long run.

Plus nothing beats that peace of mind knowing you’re using something developed by the same folks who engineered your bike. We didn’t spend big bucks on our rides to cut corners on maintenance, you know?

Some buddies prefer the consistency of Honda’s blue can lube. But for an all-in-one solution that really gets the job done right, the Pro combo is tough to beat.

WD-40 All Conditions Bike Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner/Degreaser

WD-40 All Conditions Bike Chain Lube and Chain Cleaner


  • Foaming degreaser cuts through grime quickly
  • Lube protects against corrosion and prevents squeaks
  • Convenient 2-in-1 kit for thorough chain maintenance
  • Safe for all surfaces, including paint and varnish

Buying Options

🎯What We Love

  • Deep cleaning power for a fresh chain
  • Smooth protective coating from lube
  • Stays in budget, easy to apply
  • Clinging foam cuts cleaning time

⛔Things To Consider

  • Overspray can dissolve unintended grease
  • Lube quality won’t outshine pricier options
  • Minor buildup risk over prolonged use

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle chain cleaner and degreaser, the WD-40 Bike Chain Lube & Cleaner kit deserves your consideration.

We’ve been using this combo on our bikes for a while now and have found it to work quite well, though not without a few minor drawbacks.

Let’s start with the positives. The degreaser does a bang-up job cutting through tough grime. Its foaming formula clings nicely to get deep into nooks and crannies.

Just spray it on, let it soak a bit, then scrub away – our chains and gears come out looking almost new every time. It’s also safe on all surfaces, which is a nice plus.

As for the lube, it leaves a smooth, protective coating that helps prevent squeaks and corrosion. Our chains have stayed in great shape between cleanings. It’s also nice that the lube is no-wax, so it won’t build up inside over time.

Now, a couple caveats. As some have mentioned, you have to be careful not to overspray that degreaser while the bike’s assembled. A lighter touch is best – we’ve learned the hard way it can dissolve grease it wasn’t meant to.

Also, it’s no stand-out as a lube on its own. But as a full chain maintenance kit, it checks all the boxes.

All in all, for the price you get a simple, effective cleanser and lube that keeps our chains rolling clean and quiet. We’ll definitely be stocking back up the next time our stash runs low.

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How We Tested the Motorcycle Chain Cleaner

To find the best chain cleaner for motorcycles, we put 15 popular degreasers through rigorous testing on dirty chains. All of them were dirty of road dust but some of them were muddy too.

Here’s an overview of our process:

testing motorcycle chain cleaner


We assessed each product’s ability to tackle both surface dirt and deeply embedded grease. Some are better for light cleaning while others excel with heavy-duty grime.

Ease of Use

We evaluated factors like pleasant/safe scent, mess control, and user-friendliness. Degreasers that frustrate riders won’t be regularly used.


Soaked chains underwent timed cleaning periods, then we scrubbed and compared residue left behind. Top performers emulsified grease thoroughly with minimal effort.


We inspected active ingredients and packaging warnings to avoid candidates unsafe for composite parts or a rider’s bare skin/eyes.


While initial cost matters, we prioritized value over multiple uses. Indicators included amount dispensed per spray and necessary cleaning frequency long-term.


Brushes and other included tools were rated for quality of design to enhance a degreaser’s capabilities rather than feel like an afterthought.


Cleaned chains received fresh lubrication to check if any residues affected performance or longevity of follow-up products.

The degreasers that ranked highest across all factors earned our strong recommendation as the best choices for motorcycle chain maintenance.

The Final Words

We’ve reached the end of the road (pun intended) for this chain cleaner showdown. Remember, the “best” cleaner depends on your riding style, budget, and personal preferences.

Ready to give your motorcycle chain the love it deserves? Grab the cleaner that caught your eye from our links. A clean chain is a happy chain, and a happy chain means a smoother, safer ride.

Are you already using them? Let’s know what’s your favorite and how well it works!

FAQs About the Best Chain Cleaner for Motorcycle

What types of chain cleaners are there?

There are cleaning pastes/wipes, spray degreasers, and ultrasonic cleaners. Pastes require brushing but are thorough. Sprays are convenient but harder to control. Ultrasonic cleaners give a meticulous deep clean.

How often should I clean my motorcycle chain?

Most experts recommend cleaning every 200-300 miles or anytime the chain appears dirty. Keeping it clean extends chain life and lubrication effectiveness.

What’s the best way to clean a motorcycle chain?

Spray cleaner, let it soak, then brush thoroughly while turning the rear wheel by hand. Rinse with water afterwards. An old toothbrush works great for scrubbing between links.

Can regular household cleaners work on motorbike’s chain?

Sometimes, but purpose-made degreasers are safer for your chain’s O-rings and work faster with tougher grime. WD-40 or simple green can work in a pinch.

How long should I let cleaner soak before brushing?

Times vary by product, but 5-10 minutes is usually sufficient for degreaser to soften caked-on gunk. Longer won’t hurt but too short and you’ll have to scrub harder.

Should I disassemble my bike’s chain for cleaning?

Not required, but taking it off the bike allows a deeper clean, especially for hard-to-reach inner links. Just clean/lube your keeper/lock while it’s loose.

What’s the best way to dry a cleaned chain?

Let air dry completely before re-lubing. You can also use compressed air, wipe dry with rags, or hang chains to drip dry – don’t accelerate with lube still wet.

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