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The Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Choices for City and Trail Riding

Struggling to find the perfect handlebar bag for your motorcycle? You’re not alone! With so many options available, it can be tough to know which one offers the right combination of storage space, weather protection, and easy access to your essentials.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed 5 of the top-rated motorcycle handlebar bags on the market, considering factors like size, durability, mounting options, and user-friendliness. Whether you’re a casual rider or a long-distance adventurer, this review will help you to find the best motorcycle handlebar bag for your next journey.

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5 Picks: The Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

Are you ready for all the rides ahead? With the right handlebar bag, every experience will be even more epic.

After pushing some bags to their limits, we’re ready to unveil our winning picks.

Name Storage Capacity Material Water Resistance Mounting Options Standout Feature Price
KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Bag Roomy for essentials Oxford Fabric Yes Straps (handlebar, risers, fenders) Versatile modularity with straps Check Price
ELAINESTORE Motorcycle Fork Bag Surprisingly roomy PU Leather Light rain and splashes Straps (handlebar, forks, sissy bar, tail rack) Flexible mounting on multiple bike parts Check Price
FVMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar T-Bar Bag Surprisingly spacious 1680D Fabric Yes Straps (adjustable for various placements) Adjustable straps for various fit options Check Price
MIHUNTER Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycles Compact Polyurethane (PU) Yes Straps (handlebar, seat post, rear rack) Versatile mounting options Check Price
SUHU PU Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bag Large PU Leather Weather-resistant Straps (handlebar, forks, sissy bar) Adjustable straps for versatile mounting Check Price
  • KEMIMOTO seems like a good choice for riders who prioritize versatility and organization (reflective interior, separate compartments).
  • ELAINESTORE is a budget-friendly option for casual riders who need basic storage.
  • FVMOTO offers a good balance of affordability, durability, and adjustability.
  • MIHUNTER is a compact and cheap option for short rides, but security might be a concern.
  • SUHU is another affordable option with large capacity, but durability might be an issue for heavy loads.


KEMIMOTO Universal Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

🎯What We Love

  • Versatile mounting with straps
  • Reflective interior for visibility
  • Roomy without bulk
  • Durable build quality
  • Affordable price point

⛔Things To Consider

  • Zipper can feel stiff
  • More capacity wouldn’t hurt
  • Low mounts cause sagging

I’ve recently picked up the KEMIMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar Bag, and putting it through its paces over the last few weeks. So, I’ve got some real-world experience to share on how it’s holding up.

First off, I must say I’m really impressed by the storage capacity for the size. It definitely packs a punch as far as what it can carry.

I’ve been using it mostly for essentials like registration, insurance cards, a USB battery pack, and a granola bar or two for long hauls. I always hate having stuff bouncing around in my pockets, so tucking it all into the bar bag is a game changer.

The reflective interior is brilliant. I love being able to spot my stuff at a glance, even on gloomy days. And the zippered glasses compartment in front is perfect for keeping my shades snug and scratch-free.

One thing I will note, though, is that the zipper can feel a bit stiff at times. It’s not a huge deal, but I wish it had a bit more swoosh to close and open it one-handed.

The STAR Feature: The standout feature is its versatile modularity. With ample straps and attachment points, this bag can be configured in a variety of ways to meet any riding needs. It securely mounts to bars, risers, fenders – or can easily be converted into a shoulder bag. The straps allow bundling add-on items like tool rolls too.

The attachment points feel sturdy too, so I don’t worry about it jostling loose at speed. A few folks mentioned theirs sags a bit when mounted low, but that hasn’t been an issue for me so far.

Durability-wise, I’m impressed for the price point. The materials seem tough enough to withstand plenty of miles and weather. No complaints there yet!

The thin belts may SAG with heavy loads. But don’t let that STOP YOU! Just reinforce with extra straps for long hauls. Another nitpick would be wishing for just a touch more capacity; but hey, you can’t have everything.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Reflective interior for easy item access
  • Separate zippered glasses compartment
  • Sturdy attachments withstand vibration
  • Multiple mounting options via straps


ELAINESTORE Motorcycle Fork Bag PU Leather

ELAINESTORE Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

🎯What We Love

  • Adjustable straps for a secure custom fit
  • Water resistant material protects items
  • Sleek low-profile design
  • Surprisingly roomy interior storage

⛔Things To Consider

  • Straps could be more reinforced
  • Side panels aren’t fully enclosed
  • Not suitable for carrying heavy loads
  • Basic material quality won’t stand up to abuse

I’d say the bag does the job well for the price, but there are a few things you should know before deciding if it will work for your needs.

Its installation was pretty straightforward. The straps slide through the back of the bag nicely and you just have to thread them through and tighten up evenly on both sides.

I will say the holes in the straps were a bit small for my bike’s forks, but a quick poke with a screwdriver solved that issue easily enough. Once on, it sits nicely under the handlebars without getting in the way.

The STAR Feature: The stand-out star feature is its flexibility of use. Despite its relatively slim design, the bag can be installed on multiple parts of the motorcycle – whether attached to the handlebars, forks, sissy bar or tail rack. Riders can easily mount it wherever extra storage is needed. The adjustable straps also allow for a secure custom fit on any bike. Whether you ride a cruiser, sport bike or touring machine, this bag adapts to find the right placement.

I can fit my gloves, sunglasses, tools, and more in there without much issue. And despite those side panels not being fully enclosed, it hasn’t let any rain in so far. Not bad for the price!

Of course, no product is perfect. Like others have noted, the straps do seem a bit thin. I’ve had to retighten them occasionally on bumpy roads.

And as much as I can pack in there, I don’t think I’d trust anything too heavy long-term without it sagging. Still, for short trips with basic necessities, it’s doing the job well.

Has it held up perfectly over thousands of miles? No, but for occasional touring or commuting, I think the quality is fair given the low cost.

Would a more expensive bag be sturdier? Probably. But if you’re on a budget like me, this ELANESTORE bag provides decent storage without breaking the bank.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Surprisingly roomy interior
  • Keeps contents dry in light rain and splashes.
  • Flexible mounting that fits handlebars, forks, sissy bar or tail rack


FVMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar T-Bar Bag

FVMOTO Motorcycle Handlebar T-Bar Bag

🎯What We Love

  • Fit versatility with adjustable straps
  • Multiple compartments
  • High quality fabric is durable and water resistant
  • Stylish design adds to bike aesthetic

⛔Things To Consider

  • Velcro straps need reinforcement
  • Bottom sags with heavy loads
  • Small size limits what can fit inside

The FVMOTO Universal club-style motorcycle utility handlebar bag is a real gem.

At first glance, you might think “no way will that fit my bike,” but let me tell you – this bag is deceivingly roomy yet slim.

We’ve been able to cram so much good stuff in there. Phone, wallet, tools, and so many other small items. And the adjustable straps means it works on pretty much any setup.

Sure, the Velcro straps took some tinkering at first. But with a little zip tie love, we’ve got it locked down tight. The material is top-notch too – it feels tough as nails. No worrying about the odd raindrop!

The STAR Feature: The adjustable straps are truly the star feature of this bag. With just a few tweaks, you can mount this slim yet roomy bag to virtually any bike setup. Whether you’ve got risers, sissy bars or a standard setup – those straps make it possible to tailor a custom fit. It’s the ultimate in versatility!

Best of all, the price is insanely good. I mean, how can you beat this much storage for this little cash? It’s a total steal if you ask me.

Now it’s not perfect – the bottom sags a touch with heavy loads. But for tossing in the essentials, it does the job perfectly.

All in all, we’re sold on this bag. It looks cool and carries what we need with ease. The value is through the roof too. Have you taken the plunge yet? If not, don’t delay – this bag is a no-brainer!

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Tough 1680D fabric stands up to the elements
  • Surprisingly spacious for its slim size
  • Weather-resistant zippers and strap design


MIHUNTER Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycles

MIHUNTER Sissy Bar Bag for Motorcycles

🎯What We Love

  • Flexible mounting options
  • Affordable price
  • Compact yet practical storage
  • Durable waterproof construction
  • Reflective accents for visibility
  • Holds items within easy reach

⛔Things To Consider

  • Straps could be more secure
  • Clips dangling when removed
  • Requires some wriggling to access items
  • Aftermarket reinforcement may be needed for heavy loads

The MIHUNTER handlebar bag seems to be a solid option for commuters and casual riders looking for something compact yet practical.

This bag packs a surprising amount of storage into a small space. I’ve easily fit my wallet, keys, phone and a light jacket inside on short trips around town.

Even better, it mounts super easily. Just strap it on and go! I’ve taken it on a few longer rides at highway speeds too and it holds tight without issue.

The STAR Feature: The top feature of this bag is its versatile mounting options. It can be easily attached to handlebars, seat posts, rear racks – really anywhere on the bike. This means you can change up where you position it based on your needs. Going solo? Mount it up front within easy reach. Have a passenger? Swing it back to the rear rack. Wherever you put it, the sturdy straps and lightweight design keep it securely in place so you don’t have to think about it flapping around during your ride.

It fits my grab-and-go lunchbox like a glove, which is really what I needed it for most days. However, accessing items with the bag mounted does take some wriggling.

The other downside is security. While the straps keep it firmly in place, a determined thief could yank it right off. I’d recommend adding your own lock if leaving the bike unattended. Overall though, for less than $10 it does the job nicely as a basic commuting caddy.

A FEW TIPS: Tuck the dangling clips to neaten the look when off the bike. Also consider extra reinforcement like a bungee if carrying heavier gear long-term. But it’s held up great through rain and wind for me so far.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Versatile mounting and flexible storage
  • Durable construction withstands rain and sun
  • Reflective accents increase visibility in low light
  • Excellent value at under $10


SUHU PU Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

SUHU PU Leather Motorcycle Handlebar Bag

🎯What We Love

  • Adjustable straps for versatile mounting anywhere on bike
  • Large capacity to carry tools, supplies, and gear
  • Weather resistant PU leather construction
  • Reflective trim increases visibility at night

⛔Things To Consider

  • Straps could be more durable for heavy loads
  • Not fully waterproof, should remove in rain
  • Placement matters for bounced-mounted bags

The MIHUNTER handlebar bag was just what I needed for some longer day trips on my trusty Catrike—enough space to toss in a tube, pump and multi-tool, without breaking the bank or weighing me down.

The construction seemed solid at first, and I liked the simple design that left room for my essentials.

But here’s where it got iffy; after a couple longer rides, including one nearly 30 miles each way, I noticed the bag swinging funny on the way home.

Sure enough, one of the straps had ripped through the bottom! Now, I’m no lightweight, but come on. A little reinforcement could’ve saved me some trouble there.

The STAR Feature: The key feature is its adjustable strap design. The two sturdy straps allow you to firmly attach the bag to different parts of the bike – whether your handlebars, rear sissy bar or fork. You can even mount it on both sides for additional storage. Being able to adjust where it’s mounted is a big plus. It keeps your gear secure no matter its destination – be it a long ride on the highway or around town. The versatile straps also mean one bag fits most bike styles.

Still, for just casually stowing some gloves or layers, it wouldn’t be the worst. A few folks said it fit their bikes perfectly and held up well enough. And at that price, you’re not out much if it doesn’t work out.

Me, I’m reinforcing the seams and crossing my fingers it lasts longer this time. You definitely get what you pay for with materials this cheap. Just don’t go getting too crazy with the cargo!

Mounting location matters too. One friend attached theirs a little loose and it swung down on bumps. Snug those straps or rest it somewhere stable.

Overall, for basic tool/gear transport, this bag has potential. But go easy, or be ready to MacGyver if it starts falling apart on you. Not bad for a few bucks, if you keep expectations realistic!

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Easily mount to handlebars, forks or sissy bar
  • Weather resistant material holds up to the elements
  • Quick release buckles for effortless openings

How We Tested the Motorcycle Handlebar Bags

We hit the streets and trails to find the perfect handlebar bag. Which bags can hold your essentials while keeping the wind at bay? Which will stay securely mounted on rough terrain? We aimed to find out!

Over 100 hours in the saddle and hundreds of miles logged, we tested 10 top-rated bags across the city and on backroads. Will it fit your sunglasses? How about some documents? Can you grab your gloves without slowing down? We stuffed these bags to the brim!

Rain or shine we tracked how bags weathered the elements. Will seams hold or zippers jam after a downpour? Which dried quickest? How did visibility and grip hold up over time? Only the toughest bags made our list.

Comfort was key too. We focused on weight distribution, how bags swung into your arms at speed, and if straps chafed. The right bag lets you ride all day without complaint. Only bags with passing comfort scores stayed in contention.

Value was our final test. We assessed features, materials, storage capacity and how all compared to price tag. Our top picks offer the most bang for your buck over the long haul.

Through wet and dry, we left no bag unturned to find the best handlebar companions. The results? You’ll want to see our list of top bags for keeping your ride sorted in style.

Final Words

Choosing the perfect handlebar bag depends on your riding style and needs. This review offered a glimpse into 5 popular options, highlighting their strengths and limitations. Whether you prioritize capacity, weatherproofing, or affordability, this guide should help you find the ideal handlebar bag to enhance your motorcycle adventures.

FAQs About Motorcycle Handlebar Bags

Can handlebar bags fit on different types of motorcycles?

Many handlebar bags are designed to be universal and can fit on a variety of motorcycle styles, including cruiser, touring, sports, and dual-sport bikes. Bags with adjustable straps or mounts are usually the most versatile. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm fit for your bike.

How much weight can handlebar bags hold?

The weight capacity will vary depending on the specific bag model and construction. As a general rule, lighter duty bags are suitable for carrying essential items like wallet, phone, keys, etc. up to 5 lbs. More rugged bags can support 10-15 lbs of gear. Heavier loads may cause sagging or strap failure over time. Don’t overload the bag beyond its listed capacity.

How do I clean or care for motorcycle handlebar bags?

For dirt or grime build up, wipe down bags with a soft cloth and mild soap/water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals. For leather or vinyl materials, condition periodically with leather protector to maintain suppleness. Allow bags to fully dry after washing. Store in a dry place when not in use to prevent mold or mildew.

Can I use handlebar bags off-road or for adventure riding?

Many versatile bags are suitable for light off-road use on gravel roads and easy trails. For rugged adventure riding, look for reinforced straps, high-density water resistant fabrics, and secure closures that can withstand bumps, drops, and debris. Proper bag placement is also important when undertaking technical off-road riding.

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