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Transform Your Yard With Halloween Motorcycle Inflatable

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Are you looking to take your Halloween decor to the next level this year? I’ve got an idea that is sure to blow everyone away. Inflatables are all the rage nowadays, but have you thought about adding a spooky motorcycle to the mix?

Seeing a huge Halloween motorcycle inflatable parked on the lawn would definitely give trick-or-treaters a start. I experimented with making my own, and let me tell you – the end result was beyond cool.

If you’re ready to totally transform your yard into the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween, just wait till you see what you can create with one of these insane inflatable motorcycles.

Halloween Motorcycle Inflatable: Our Top Picks

We’ve scoped out some seriously cool motorcycle inflatables that are sure to wow trick-or-treaters. From skeletal bikers to zombie hogs, these blown-up bikes pack major scare factor without taking up much space.



6 FT Halloween Inflatable Skeleton Ghost Riding

6 FT Halloween Inflatable Skeleton Ghost Riding

Alright fellow riders, are you ready to terrify the neighborhood this Halloween? Then you’ve to check out this Halloween inflatable skeleton ghost rider on a motorcycle.

As folks who enjoy a good scare on two wheels, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect decoration to amp up our yard’s creep factor. And this Halloween motorcycle inflatable might just be it.

At 6 feet tall, it’s sure to draw eyes from up and down the street. But what really sold us is that iconic spooky rider silhouette we all know and love. Nothing gets gears turning like a skeleton tearing up the pavement, even if it is just an inflatable.

Setting it up is effortless too – just plug it in and watch this spectral stunter inflate before your eyes in under a minute. No struggling with manual pumps required. And when the festivities are done, it deflates down small for compact storage.

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Even better, stiff gusts of wind won’t bother this rider thanks to spike attachments and sandbags keeping him grounded. After a decade in the saddle, we know reliability is key.

Now it’s not perfect – the raspy fan noise carries a little further than we’d like at night. But we figured some extra atmosphere outweighed that minor gripe. And since it meets important safety certifications, we can sleep easy knowing little goblins won’t get a shock.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • The iconic silhouette of a skeleton riding a chopper
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Spike attachments and sandbags ensure it won’t blow away



COMIN 6 FT Halloween Inflatables Ghost

COMIN 6 FT Halloween Inflatables Ghost

We were eager to check out the COMIN 6-foot Halloween inflatable after seeing the cute ghost rider design. As motorcycle nuts, any decor paying homage to two wheels catches our eye.

Setting it up took mere minutes thanks to the powerful fan. Within moments, our yard was transformed with the peculiar sight of a ghostly cat cruising down the street on a mini chopper – it gave us a chuckle!

The craftsmanship looks well-made and we can see it holding up fine through autumn winds. Waterproof nylon should mean no soggy deflating either. LED lighting really makes all the spooky details pop at night too.

Admittedly, 6 feet isn’t quite as jaw dropping as larger inflatables. But for the reasonable price, size is fair and it takes up much less space in storage. We can definitely see ourselves using it yearly.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Waterproof material
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Excellent value for money



GOOSH 6 FT Halloween Inflatable Reaper

GOOSH 6 FT Halloween Inflatable Reaper

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we can appreciate a machine, even one meant more for scares than speed. Allow me to tell you about this grim reaper motorcycle Halloween decoration. The GOOSH Grim Reaper Motorbike Inflatable with built-in LEDs that gave our yard an eerie glow this past haunting season.

At just under 6 feet tall, this grim reaper motorcycle provides a hulking presence in the landscape. Its paint job looks worn and weathered, as if Death itself has spent centuries roaming the earth on this unholy steed.

But what really makes it pop are the built-in LED lights that cast an eerie glow throughout our yard late into the night. We could imagine ghostly headlights cutting through the fog as the grim reaper patrols the neighborhood in search of souls to reap. Kids in the area said it was the coolest decoration on the block.

As riders, we know the pride of owning a well-maintained machine. This item flew up quickly and easily thanks to its high-performance inflation fan, taking barely any time at all to achieve its full formidable size. Its polyester material held up well to rain and wind over the whole season.

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When it came time to store it away, breakdown was a breeze using the included storage bag. Its external power source ensures safe, long-lasting operation without any worrying about fluids or fuel.

Now no inflation fan is perfect, and on especially gusty nights we found it struggled a bit to maintain pressure. But overall the build quality was solid. Just be prepared to do a touch-up inflation if big storms roll through.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Sturdy, polyester material
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Includes necessary accessories like ground stakes, ropes, and storage bag



Occasions 7.5′ Inflatable Skeleton Cycle

Occasions 7.5' Inflatable Skeleton Cycle

Take your Halloween decorations to the next level with the Occasions 7.5′ Inflatable Skeleton Cycle.

We’ve had our eye on this Halloween motorcycle inflatable for a while now, and finally took the plunge to add a little spooky flare to our yard.

Right out of the box, it’s clear this thing was made with practical riders in mind. The skeleton inflates in just seconds using an electric pump – no messing with lung power needed.

And when October 31st is over, it deflates down small for easy storage. No wasting garage space all year long.

This big fella really turns some heads too. At 7.5 feet tall, it’s an eye-catching centerpiece from the street. But it’s not just for looks – those reflective accents and energy efficient LED lights make sure drivers notice it at night too.

As riders, we know safety is crucial on the roads. This inflatable checks that box without using huge amounts of juice like some decorations.

Now it’s not all perfect – if the wind really kicks up those gangly bones will dance around a bit. But that’s half the fun right?

And the included stakes and tethers do a pretty good job of holding it down most nights. A few minor flaws aren’t a deal breaker when a decoration brings this much entertainment.

So fire up that electric pump and get ready to terrify some trick-or-treaters!

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Included stakes and tethers secure it firmly in place
  • Reflective accents and energy efficient LED lights



MEGACTION 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable White Ghost

MEGACTION 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable White Ghost

We checked out the MegaAction 7-foot Halloween Inflatable Ghost Rider Motorcycle after seeing it online.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for fun decor that also pays homage to our favorite rides. This giant inflatable bike did not disappoint.

Setting it up was a breeze – just a few minutes to plug in the powerful fan and watch it inflate to an impressive life-sized scale.

The custom ghostly rider is a cool touch. Within an instant, our yard was transformed into a spooky scene straight off the set of Ghost Rider!

We can appreciate the care taken to capture the stance and style of a big cruiser bike. During nights leading up to Halloween, it truly is quite a spectacle lit up thanks to the built-in LEDs.

Of course, no product is perfect. In windy conditions the inflated material does tend to waiver a bit.

Also, it takes up considerable space so you need a large clear area to showcase it properly. But for the price, these are minor downsides compared to the impact it makes.

The quality of this Halloween motorcycle inflatable is impressive given the value. We’ll be breaking it back out next Halloween!

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Immense Size (7 feet)
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Fast Inflation

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Testing Our Halloween Motorcycle Inflatables

We take our Halloween decor shopping seriously each year. This time around, we were on the hunt for inflatables that really captured that motorcycling spirit.

It was tough to narrow it down! But eventually a couple inflatables stood out from the pack. The skeleton ghost on the cool chopper bike caught our eye right away with its rad design. Plus the reviews said it was durable and easy to use.

Once they arrived, we got to putting them to the test of course. First up was seeing how fast they’d inflate. Both were pumping up in under a minute like the listings said – no messy manual blowing required.

Next we staked them out in the yard through some winds and rain. Even the downpours didn’t make them sway, those built-in weights did the trick.

The big test was how they held up overnight with the neighborhood rascals running amuck. Luckily no little goblins tried stealing them! The materials stayed tough as nails even after a week of use. And the light-up features made them visible standouts even in the dark.

By Halloween those blow-ups had become the talk of the cul-de-sac! Whether it was entertaining young’uns or giving us a good shriek, the inflatables were a hit.

After such a successful debut, we’d recommend these Halloween motorcycle options to any fellow rider lookin’ to deck out their place this All Hallows’ Eve.

FAQs About Halloween Motorcycle Inflatable

What are some popular Halloween motorcycle inflatable designs?

Some of the most popular designs include: Monster Bike with rider in costume, Ghost Rider bike, Pumpkin or Jack O’Lantern bike, Bat Bike, Werewolf bike, Vampire bike, Skeleton bike, Zombie bike, etc. Fun caricature designs tend to be hits with motorcycle enthusiasts.

How big do motorcycle inflatables usually get?

Most motorcycle inflatables range from 5-10 feet tall. The larger inflatables around 8-10 feet tall tend to make more of a statement in your yard and be eye-catching from the road. However, even the smaller 5-6 foot designs still look great. It depends on how much yard space you have to work with.

Are motorcycle inflatables durable for outdoor use?

In general, yes inflatable motorcycle designs made by reputable brands hold up well to outdoor use during the Halloween season. They are made of thick durable plastic that can withstand wind and rain. However, strong storms could potentially damage them. It’s best to deflate and store inflatables when really nasty weather is forecast.

How difficult are motorcycle inflatables to set up?

Motorcycle inflatables are generally pretty easy to set up. Most come with a blower/fan and stakes/tie-downs to keep it securely anchored. It typically only takes 15-20 minutes to stake it out, plug it in and inflate fully. Just be sure to follow the included instructions carefully.

Are motorcycle inflatables machine-washable for storage?

No, inflatable designs are not machine washable as the agitation and heat could damage them. For storage, it’s best to gently rinse off any dirt by hand with a hose or wipe down with a damp cloth. Be sure to dry thoroughly before rolling or folding for storage to prevent mildew.

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