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9 Hauntingly Good Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Motorcycle

It’s that time of year again! Time to get creative with your Halloween costume and wow everyone at the party. But why stop at just a costume? This year, take your Halloween game up a notch by incorporating your motorcycle into this game.

Get into the spirit of spooky fun by creative, spooky motorcycle Halloween decorations. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1. Use Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

One easy way to dress up your motorcycle for Halloween is to use glow-in-the-dark paint.

This can be used to create all sorts of spooky effects, from ghosts and skeletons to bats and spiders.

Just imagine how cool your bike will look when it’s lit up by the moon on Halloween night!


neon nights Glow-in-The-Dark Paint

neon nights Glow-in-The-Dark Paint

If you’re looking to really make your motorcycle stand out this Halloween, look no further than neon nights Glow-in-the-Dark Paint. The paint is a fun way to decorate your bike for the spooky holiday.

Imagine creating glowing ghosts, spiders, or pumpkins along the gas tank or framing. The bright neon colors in this paint set are perfect for designs that will truly glow when the moon hits them.

During the day the colors are vibrant enough to be easily seen, but at night your motorcycle will light up like it’s at a rave!

I plan to use the green, orange and black to paint jack-o-lanterns, bats and spider webs on my bike – I know it will be the highlight of my neighborhood on Halloween.

With its brightness and versatility on surfaces like metal, this glow paint is a great way to get your bike festival-ready too!

2. Dress Up Your Bike as a Haunted House

Another great idea is to dress up your motorcycle as a haunted house.

It can be done by attaching ghosts and spiders to the handlebars, or by simply painting your bike to look like a haunted house.


2PCS Geefuun Halloween Ghost Lighted Decor

2PCS Geefuun Halloween Ghost Lighted Decor

If you’re looking to dress up your motorcycle as a haunted house, these lighted ghost hangings from Geefuun are perfect for the job. Just imagine two glowing ghosts floating beside your gas tank or wrapped around the handlebars.

During the day their details would still be visible but at night they really come alive with their built-in string lights.

As a motorcycle rider, I’m always looking for new ways to customize my bike and make it stand out in group rides. This Halloween, I plan to attach the ghosts near the headlight with the included sticky dots so they loom over the front of the bike.

Between the creepy grins and blinking lights, it will surely give riders a spook as they follow behind! The flexible wire interior also means I can shape the ghosts over side-panels or the rear to complete the haunted look. At under $20 for two, they are reusable fun for any Halloween motorcycle decorating.

3. Transform Your Bike into a Skeleton or a Zombie

If you’re feeling really creative, you could even transform your motorcycle into a skeleton or a zombie.

Paint your bike in a bone-white color and add some gruesome details, or simply attach some fake bones to your bike.

Either way, this is sure to be a hit with the adults on Halloween night.


DULEFUN 8PCS Skeletons Halloween Decorations

DULEFUN 8PCS Skeletons Halloween Decorations

The DULEFUN skeleton decorations are a fun and spooky way to deck out your motorcycle for Halloween this year.

Last year, I attached a few of the skeletons to my bike – hanging one from the rearview mirror and placing others on the seat and gas tank. Their posable joints let me get creative with poses that really looked like skeletal bikers. I rode around the neighborhood and everyone thought it was a real riot.

The skeletons have great detail for their small size. Over the years, they’ve held up well too – no broken bones! They come with string so it’s easy to attach them anywhere on your bike or your yard.

For not much money, these little guys give your motorcycle a creepy undead vibe that’s sure to spook your friends. Whether riding in a parade or just cruising the streets, no one will believe their eye sockets when they see my skeletonized motorcycle this Halloween!

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4. Create a Werewolf or Monster Motorcycle

Attach some fake fur to your bike in strategic places to create a furry werewolf or monster look. You can use different colors of fur to create different monsters. You could even add some fake teeth or fangs for extra effect!


Barcelonetta Faux Fur Squares Shaggy Fur Fabric

Barcelonetta Faux Fur Squares Shaggy Fur Fabric

When I was thinking of ways to transform my motorcycle into a werewolf for Halloween, I knew faux fur would be key. These Faux Fur Squares were perfect – the dark brown color looked really convincing as thick monster fur.

I hot glued patches of the fur in random clumps all over the seat, fuel tank, and sides of the bike to give it an overgrown, shaggy look. A few patches around the headlight made it appear as eyes shining in the dark. Everyone thought it was so realistic!

The fur held up well even through repeated rides. No shedding or falling off. When I took the bike to a few Halloween parties, people howled with laughter at the spooky werewolf motorcycle.

Working with the faux fur was easy – it cut nicely and took glue and staples well to secure it everywhere. I think using these wolf gloves to the handlebars will complete the look.

Next Halloween, I may try a yeti or bigfoot bike!

5. Wrap Your Bike in Fake Cobwebs

Turn your motorcycle into a spooky spider’s lair by wrapping it in fake cobwebs.

You could even add some plastic spiders or other creepy-crawly creatures for an extra creepy touch!


300 Sqft Halloween Spider Web Decorations with 10 Glow and 10 Black Fake Spiders

300 Sqft Halloween Spider Web Decorations

Spook up your motorcycle this Halloween with these 300 sqft spider web decorations.

The stretchy white cobwebs are perfect for wrapping all around your bike, making it look like a giant spider has taken up residence. And with 20 realistic-looking fake spiders included, you can stick them throughout the webs dangling from various areas of the motorcycle.

It’s easy to spread the webs across the frame, wheels, and other parts. Then at night, the 10 glowing spiders really make the bike pop when your lights are on. Other bikers will do a double take when they see your two-wheeled beast covered in webs.

Whether you’re parked at a party or going for a ride, your bike will be the center of attention on Halloween thanks to these creepy yet cool decorations.

6. Create a Gory Effect with Fake Blood

Splatter some fake blood or use red and black paint on your bike for a truly gruesome look. You could even add some severed limbs or heads for extra effect.

Fake blood and guts are available at most Halloween or party stores. Just be sure to test it on a small area first to make sure it doesn’t damage the motorbike’s paint job.


Maven Gifts I Can’t Believe It’s Not Blood Fake Blood

Maven Gifts I Can't Believe It's Not Blood Fake Blood

Take your motorcycle Halloween decorations to the next level with the Maven Gifts’ fake blood. I decided to give it a try decorating my chopper and was amazed at how realistic it looked.

I started by splattering some on the engine casing to look like grease and oil mix. Then I added some dripping down the sides of the gas tank like I’d had a nasty spill. Finally, I covered the back tire in a pooling puddle of “blood” to complete the gory scene.

Passersby did double takes, clearly freaked out by the gruesome detail. Clean up was easy too – a wipe down with a shop rag removed it completely without leaving any stains. This fake blood is incredibly versatile and will have everyone doing a double take at the mangled motorcycle casualty you’ve created.

It’s definitely worth picking up a bottle to take your Halloween bike to the next haunting level. Also, you can pair it up with these fake human guts to create that extra scary effect.

7. Attach Some Spooky Halloween Lights

Some battery-operated Halloween-themed LED lights can make your bike stand out in the dark.

You can find these at most stores that sell Halloween decorations. Just make sure you get ones that are made for motorcycles and are weatherproof.


Halloween Decorations Outdoor Hanging Ghosts with Witch Hats

Halloween Decorations Outdoor Hanging Ghosts with Witch Hats

As Halloween approaches, I’ve been looking for ways to decorate my motorcycle to get into the spooky spirit. Those battery-operated LED Halloween lights mentioned would be perfect.

The string of colorful ghost lights would look awesome wrapped around my bike’s frame and along the tires. With their waterproof design, they’d withstand being outdoors night after night.

The constant and flashing light modes would really make my bike stand out while parked at parties or lining the driveway for trick-or-treaters. Best of all, the battery power means I don’t need an electrical outlet – I can hang these lights anywhere.

After Halloween, I’ll store them away until next year so I can give my motorcycle another uniquely creepy Halloween look!

8. Use Paint or Decals to Create a Scary Effect

If you want to get really creative, you could even turn your motorcycle into a work of art!

You could paint it to look like a pumpkin, bats, or a skull, or you could even attach some Halloween-themed decals to it.


123 PCS Halloween Decorations Stickers

123 PCS Halloween Decorations Stickers

If you want to get really creative decorating your motorcycle for Halloween, these 123 PCS bloody decals are perfect for the job.

As a rider, I was looking for easy but impactful ways to dress up my bike for the spooky season. These sticker sheets deliver realistic looking bloody handprints, footprints, and words that will have everyone doing a double take.

I attached a bunch of the handprints all over the gas tank and seat to make it look like a zombie had grabbed on. A few creepy footprints leading away from the bike add to the terror.

With their transparent edges, the decals blend seamlessly onto any surface. They adhered perfectly to my motorcycle’s paintjob and can even be trimmed for tight spaces.

Now when I take my “zombie bike” out for a ride, everyone will know the walking dead have claimed this vehicle as their own! The stickers were a mess-free and affordable way to terrify my neighbors this Halloween.

9. Add Fake Eyes, Noses, or Other Eerie Features

This is a great way to personalize your bike and make it really stand out.

You can find fake eyes and noses at most Halloween stores, or you can make your own with some craft supplies.


2PACK Scary Eyeballs Solar Garden Lights

2PACK Scary Eyeballs Solar Garden Lights

I was looking for a fun way to decorate my motorcycle for Halloween this year, and these “2PACK Scary Eyeballs Solar Garden Lights” were perfect for the job.

The realistic eyeball design and swaying purple lights really add a creepy vibe. I attached a couple sets to my handlebars and headlight using zip ties – it looks like the bike has a pair of ghostly eyes glowing in the dark!

Driving around at night with those purple lights swinging back and forth is a real attention getter. Several people commented on how unique the decoration was. These lights were also easy to set up using their built-in solar panels.

With Halloween coming up, I plan on using them to decorate my driveway too. For anyone looking to customize their bike or yard, these lights are a fun and affordable option.

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