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Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket for Blistering Summer Rides

Nothing says summer like cruising down the open road on your motorcycle. But don’t you hate how your typical leather jacket feels like an oven after just an hour in the summer sun?

Well, we’ve found some jackets that’ll keep you cool even on the hottest days. Join us as we check out the top picks for the best hot weather motorcycle jackets around. You won’t believe some of the high-tech materials these babies are made of; it’s like having your own built-in mini AC!

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SHIMA OPENAIR Motorbike Jacket for Men – Lightweight Breathable Summer Mesh Mens City Biker Jacket

Key Features

  • Mesh construction for maximum breathability
  • CE-certified honeycomb back, shoulder and elbow armor
  • Waterproof pocket + 2 outer pockets, 1 inner pocket
  • Underarm zip vents for temperature control

Best For:

  • Summer motorcycle touring
  • Daily warm-weather commuting
  • Long rides when ventilation is key

For similar comfort, girls can check out this SHIMA Women’s Blouson Summer Jacket.

As motorcycle riders, we’re always on the hunt for gear that keeps us protected without overheating us during warm-weather rides. After putting the SHIMA OPENAIR jacket through its paces this summer, we think it delivers on both comfort and protection for hot days in the saddle.

Right off the bat, it’s obvious this jacket was designed with ventilation in mind. Over half the outer shell is made from lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that allows plenty of air flow on even the hottest runs. On muggy 90-degree days, we stayed remarkably cool wearing the OPENAIR. The built-in back and shoulder armor never left us feeling sweaty or confined.

The honeycomb armor provides CE-certified impact protection without adding unnecessary bulk. As a bonus, its perforated design improves ventilation even more. We found the elbow pads aligned well for a natural riding position. Though sizing runs small – we recommend going up one size for the best fit.

Functionality is also a strong point. A waterproof pocket, plus dual outer pockets and an interior stash spot gave us plenty of places to securely carry essentials like our phones, wallets and snacks. Zippered vents under the arms added responsive temperature control when we opened them up at stoplights.

Admittedly, the extreme breathability that serves us so well in the heat leaves little insulating ability for colder evenings. We wouldn’t rely on this jacket alone in temps below around 60 degrees without layering underneath. And the minimalist styling won’t wow on fashion-focused rides.

But for long summer touring or daily commuting when the mercury is up, the OPENAIR delivers just the lightweight protection and ventilation we want. It’s become our go-to choice for warming rides.


  • Keeps rider remarkably cool on warm rides
  • Great ventilation without sacrificing impact protection
  • Functional storage and easy accessibility
  • Lightweight at just 1.4kg without feeling restrictive


  • Sizing runs small, recommend sizing up
  • Minimal insulation, not suitable below 60°F without layers
  • Basic styling won’t impress fashion-focused riders
  • Expensive for warm weather-only use

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Riding Air Motorbike Jacket Biker CE Armored Breathable

Key Features

  • Cooling 3D macro and micro mesh panels
  • Removable CE armor in shoulders, elbows, and back
  • Adjusters for customized fit
  • Reflective elements for low-light visibility

We’ve been looking for a good hot-weather riding jacket that provides protection without baking us alive. So, we decided to give a shot to the HWK Mesh jacket.

So far we’re pretty impressed. On warm rides the open mesh design keeps ample airflow moving even when we’re cruising at highway speeds. It feels substantially cooler inside than our leather jacket on similar summer rides. We can even leave the front zipper partly open without feeling buffeted by wind.

The fit is comfortable without being too baggy. The adjusters let us customize it nicely around the neck, waist and arms. It hasn’t restricted our movement at all during riding. We’re confident it’ll hold up in a slide too, thanks to the removable CE-rated armor and reinforced fabric in high-impact zones.

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Durability seems good as the mesh and construction have handled several downpours without soaking through. It even kept us reasonably dry in a heavy rainstorm despite not being fully waterproofed. Breathability is so excellent that interior moisture hasn’t been an issue either.

We were surprised by how accommodating the armor is for riding with packs. Despite a loaded backpack, our spines haven’t felt poked or restricted at all due to the armor design. That’s a nice bonus for two-wheeled travelers.

The sleeves run a tad long, which can cause bunching at the wrists. But it hasn’t fluttered or disrupted our riding so far. We’ll probably upgrade the armor someday for more protection potential too. Also, the side zippers could be higher quality given the price point.


  • Highly breathable and ventilated for warm rides
  • Provides impact protection without bulk
  • Fits smoothly under packs with sternum strap
  • Water-resistant outer prevents soaking
  • Adjustable fit is comfortable for a range of body types


  • Sleeves are longer than expected
  • Side zippers could be higher quality
  • Armor offers light protection over heavyweight pads
  • Not fully waterproof for prolonged rain exposure

MOTO-BOY Mesh Summer Breathable Air Motorbike Riding Jacket with CE Armor

Key Features

  • Mesh and polyester fabric for excellent breathability
  • CE-certified armor in shoulders and elbows
  • Reflective strips for improved visibility
  • Adjustable waist and cuffs for customized fit
  • Elbow accordion panels for ease of movement

We recently picked up a MOTO-BOY Mesh Riding Jacket to check out, and thought we’d share our impressions after giving it a test ride.

First off, the ventilation on this jacket is excellent. It definitely lives up to the “breathable” in the name. On warm days, we stayed much cooler wearing this than with other riding gear we’ve tried. The mesh panels do a great job regulating temperature and airflow without sacrificing impact protection. However, on really hot and humid rides, we still found ourselves sweating a bit underneath the armor, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

The fit was comfortable. We got a medium that provided adequate room for layers as the weather changed. Another plus is that the armor in the shoulders and elbows broke in nicely after our initial rides. At first they felt stiff, but now they’re flexible without compromising safety. We found a review mentioning that the sleeves could be a tad longer, but we think it mostly depends on the user’s physical build.

Now it’s time for a few small downsides. One pocket wasn’t fully stitched in our jacket and the zipper pulls are on the opposite side than typical for us. But otherwise construction seemed solid for the price point. The elastic strips at the waist do a decent job for customized adjustment, though some additional straps around the midsection could prevent riding up in high-speed sections.

Overall, we feel this jacket is a great value for the protection, comfort and ventilation it provides on hot summer rides. It’s definitely earned a regular spot in our riding gear rotation for the warm months.


  • Great temperature regulation and airflow on warm rides
  • Comfortable and roomy fit that works for layering
  • Armor is protective without being restrictive
  • Good build quality for the price


  • Sleeves run a little short
  • Zipper pull tab on non-standard side
  • Elastic strips alone not enough for midsection adjustability
  • Armor can shift slightly in elbow area
  • Potential issues with unfinished seams on some jackets

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Alpha Cycle Gear Breathable Bikers Riding Protection Motorcycle Jacket Mesh CE Armored

Key Features

  • CE Level 1 certified armor in shoulders and elbows
  • Highly breathable mesh construction for maximum airflow
  • Reflective stripes for visibility
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist for customizable fit

We recently purchased the Alpha Cycle Gear Breathable Motorcycle Jacket, and have been putting it through its paces on some lengthy riding excursions. Overall, we’ve found it to be a capable warm-weather riding jacket that delivers on protection without compromising airflow – though it has some room for improvement in areas like adjustability and materials.

One thing we appreciated right away was the CE-approved armor in key impact zones like the shoulders and elbows. As avid riders, we know all too well how common spills can be, so having that peace of mind was certainly reassuring.

The armor has also proven comfortable over multiple hours in the saddle. While its lightweight mesh construction allows ample ventilation for hot summer rides, we were impressed by how stable the armor felt nested comfortably within the jacket’s protective shell.

Speaking of airflow, this jacket has absolutely delivered on keeping us cool even on long, hot hauls. The fully breathable mesh panels on the front and back feel great at highway speeds, and we’ve noticed a big difference versus our standard leather jacket on similar rides.

All that air passing through does come at a tradeoff of limited pockets and loss of water resistance, but frankly we’d choose cool and dry over some storage space any day of the riding season.

Fit and sizing were our biggest criticisms. While the adjustability features like Velcro arm cuffs sound nice in theory, they lack the sturdiness we expect at speed. We also found the sizing varied substantially from the size chart, always opting up a size from our normal proved wise. And the inner material, while not a dealbreaker, lacks the smooth luxury of some pricier options.

In the end, we think this jacket provides good basic cruiser touring protection for the dollar. For warm weather riding, it’ll keep you ventilated while guarding the essentials. Isn’t that what really matters most at the end of a long day in the saddle?


  • Keeps rider cool on hot rides
  • Armor provides impact protection
  • Reflective stripes for visibility
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist
  • Affordable price point


  • Fit sizing runs small, need to order up
  • Limited pocket storage capacity
  • Low-quality Velcro and inner material
  • Not water-resistant for inclement weather

FLY Racing Adult Flux Air Mesh Jacket

Key Features

  • Ultra-breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool on hot rides
  • Comfortable, unrestrictive fit that doesn’t burn you up
  • CE Level 1 armor in shoulders and elbows for impact protection
  • Reflective panels for visibility in low light

Alright riders, gather ’round as we share our thoughts on the FLY Racing Adult Flux Air Mesh Jacket. We put this highly breathable summer riding jacket through its paces, so you’ll get an honest assessment on how it performs when the asphalt is scorching hot.

Right off the bat, we were impressed by how comfortably this jacket fits without feeling restrictive at all. The mesh material allows a great deal of airflow to keep you cool as the breeze blows by. On days where it felt like the temperature was barreling towards 100 degrees, this jacket made our ride feel like a joyride with the AC cranked up. No more arriving to our destination drenched in sweat!

Protection is obviously a top priority, and we’re happy to report that the CE Level 1 armor in the shoulders and elbows, while on the cheaper side, gets the job done. It stood up to several spill drills without issue.

Our only real gripe is that the back pad seems almost too flimsy, like it wouldn’t do much in an actual slide. A few of us swapped it out for a sturdier aftermarket piece to ease our minds. Other than that, the heavy-duty fabric in key impact zones and reflective panels inspire peace of mind.

We think this is a stellar summer riding jacket at an affordable price. The breathability can’t be beat on scorchers, and it still delivers protection where you need it most. Sure, the back pad is lame, but an easy fix.


  • Excellent ventilation feels like riding with A/C on
  • Lightweight and comfortable for warm weather
  • Affordable price for armor and summer riding jacket
  • Sturdy construction in impact zones


  • Back pad is quite flimsy
  • Armor may not withstand serious crashes
  • No moisture wicking or water-resistant properties
  • Not for cold weather or fully protective riding

Jet Textile Air Mesh Motorcycle Motorbike Summer Jacket CE Armoured COLT

Key Features

  • Affordable price point – hard to beat for the value
  • Removable armor in elbows, shoulders, and back for impact protection
  • Mesh fabric provides excellent airflow on hot rides
  • Zip-out thermal liner can adapt it for cooler weather

The Jet Textile Air Mesh Motorcycle Summer Jacket definitely gets points for value. At around $150 cheaper than the REV’IT Eclipse 2, it’s a budget-friendly way to get some impact protection on the cheap.

The armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back provide a nice peace of mind in case of a spill. I also appreciated that the zippers allow for removable inserts, so you can take the liner out for warmer rides.

Comfort-wise, the air mesh fabric does a solid job of keeping air flowing on hot days. I’ve put a few hundred miles on mine over the last few weeks and it hasn’t gotten too toasty, even without the liner in. The sizing ran on the small side for me, but overall the cut provides freedom of movement which is important when you’re twisting the throttle.

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Now, this jacket certainly has its limitations. The zippers, in particular, take some finesse to operate; they get hung up on everything. I’d also avoid stuffing too much in the pockets, as fishing things out can be a struggle. The liner zipper was annoyingly fiddly as well. And minor things like lack of zipper pulls or a chin strap velcro cover would be nice quality-of-life upgrades.

For the price, this Jet Textile jacket isn’t a bad way to get some basic armor and wind protection. Just go in with managed expectations on finishing details and sizing.


  • Lightweight and comfortable for warm weather riding
  • Abrasion-resistant materials hold up well
  • Reflective detailing increases nighttime visibility
  • Multiple adjustment points allow for a customized fit


  • Zippers can be stiff and catch on things
  • Sizing runs small, may not accommodate all body types
  • Some finishing details feel cheap, like zipper pulls
  • Limited features for the price point compared to other brands

WICKED STOCK Mens Motorcycle Jacket-Air Mesh, Dual Sport, Armor

Key Features

  • Air mesh panels for excellent ventilation and breathability
  • Adjustable waist, arm cuffs and bicep straps for a custom fit
  • Includes removable CE-certified shoulder, elbow and back armor
  • Multiple pockets for storage

We’re pretty impressed the Wicked Stock motorcycle jacket. As motorcycle enthusiasts looking for a versatile and affordable riding jacket, we were excited to try this one out.

The main thing we love about this jacket is the ventilation. Man, does it keep you cool! On hot sunny days, we stayed comfortable the entire ride thanks to the mesh panels under the arms and across the back. The airflow really comes through when you’re cruising down the highway. We were even able to layer up a bit on cooler mornings and still not overheat once we got moving.

The pockets are also nicely sized and placed for convenient storage on the go. We’ve been able to fit all our riding essentials like our phones, wallets, snacks without issue. The waist and arm adjustments likewise allow for a customized fit whether you’re wearing additional layers or not.

At its price point, we didn’t expect premium armor but were happy to see the shoulder, elbow and back protection included. The inserts do the job of basic safety padding, even if they aren’t the fanciest on the market. A few of us even swapped them out for our own higher-end pads for an extra layer of protection.

Our one small complaint is that the sleeves run a tad short for some of our group’s frames. But overall the fits have been flattering and comfortable nonetheless.

Only time will tell how it holds up with regular use, but so far the Wicked Stock jacket has been a really great hot-weather riding option. The airflow and adjustability give great value for the price.


  • Very affordable for the protection and features included
  • Highly breathable material keeps riders cool on hot rides
  • Adjustments allow for layering or a tailored fit
  • Extra safety layer with the basic armor


  • Sleeves run slightly short for some riders
  • Armored inserts are basic quality
  • Long-term durability remains to be seen
  • Back armor may not fit every body type comfortably

Keys to Keeping Chill: Must-Have Features of a Summer Motorcycle Jacket

Here are the key features any hot weather motorcycle jacket should have:

Ventilation is Vital

Ventilation is a must. You want lots of airflow to keep cool on those sunny rides. Mesh panels and zippered vents are a good option – the mesh lets air flow freely and the zippers give you control over how much ventilation you need.

Go Lightweight

Another important thing is using lightweight, breathable materials like mesh or perforated leather. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re locked in an oven!

Lightweight fabric will feel nice and airy as the breeze blows through.

Protection is Priority

Comfort and protection must go hand in hand. Even in the heat, safety gear is non-negotiable. Look for armor in all the important spots – shoulders, elbows, and back.

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean you want to risk road rash if you come off the bike.

Bonus Features to Consider

Some extras that boost both comfort and convenience include removable liners, pockets, and reflective accents. Take the liner out when it’s really grillin’ and toss it back in for cooler nights.

Pockets hold your belongings without weighing you down. And reflectors keep you visible in all conditions, day or night.

Test it Out!

The best way to pick a jacket is to try a few on yourself. Get a feel for the ventilation, fit, and range of motion. Then take it for a short spin and really put it through its paces.

How’s the airflow at different speeds? Is it too tight or too loose? With a little testing, you’ll find the perfect buddy for your blistering rides all summer long!

FAQs About the Best Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket

What features should I look for in a hot weather motorcycle jacket?

Look for jackets made with moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics like mesh, leather, or Cordura. Vents for maximum airflow and removable insulating layers are also important.

How do I stay cool on long rides in hot weather?

In addition to an airy jacket, wear light, loose clothing, take frequent breaks in the shade, stay hydrated, and apply sunscreen. Consider riding early/late to avoid midday heat.

Are textile jackets safer than leather in high heat?

Both have pros and cons. Textiles breathe better but leather offers impact protection. Look for armored textiles rated to CE standards. The jacket’s airflow, not just materials, determines heat management and safety.

Can a summer jacket still provide impact protection?

Yes, many summer jackets use breathable laminated materials and strategic armor placement to meet or exceed CE safety standards. Elbows and shoulders typically have hard armor while back and chest use low-profile expanding pads.

What’s the hottest temperature a motorcycle jacket should be worn?

There’s no definitive answer as body heat dissipation varies, but most experts say above 95°F its best to only wear a light mesh jacket for impact protection rather than longer riding suits. Hydration is key to prevent overheating.

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