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7 Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Motorcycle Riders

Halloween is coming, and we know that many motorcycle riders out there are looking for creative and scary biker costume ideas.

There are so many possibilities for spooky get-ups for motorcycle riders. You could go as a zombie, a vampire, or a punk rocker.

Here are some cool and spooky Halloween costume ideas for motorcycle riders that will get you noticed (and maybe even a little scared)!

1. Zombie Rider

It’s an excellent option for riders who want to look like they just rose from the dead. Show a bit of a scare factor while you’re on the road. The costume allows bringing your love for apocalypse movies and motorcycles in one frame.

Dress up as a zombie rider wearing a tattered shirt, ripped jeans, and fake blood. You can even add some gruesome details like wounds or decaying flesh.

Be careful about not going too overboard with the gore, as you don’t want to startle other riders or motorists.

If you want to do some realistic zombie makeup, choose this kit.


JOYIN Halloween Makeup Set Ultimate Family Party Pack

This all-in-one set has everything you need to create fantastic Halloween looks for the whole family. Be a zombie, vampire, clown, or anything you want.

JOYIN Halloween Makeup Set

The face paints are formulated to be friendly to the most sensitive skin and are fragrance-free. They’re also easy to wash off with soap and water – no scrubbing is needed!

2. Harley Quinn

The popular character from the Batman comics and movies could be the go-to Halloween costumes for motorcycle riders.

The DC Comics supervillain made her live-action debut in 2016’s Suicide Squad, and her look has been dividing fans ever since. Some say her outfit is too skimpy, while others argue it’s an empowering choice for a female character.

Wear a red and white t-shirt, red and blue shorts, and a pair of Harley Quinn boots. Add a wig, face paint, and a baseball bat, and you’re ready to go.

If you want to ride in that costume, change the shorts with jeans or motorcycle pants and boots with a pair of proper motorcycle boots.

Check this product for a sexy Harley Quinn costume set:


Rubie’s Women’s Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume

Rubie’s, a leading company for Halloween clothes and accessories, has a fantastic Harley Quinn ensemble.

Rubie’s Women’s Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume

It comes with a short red and blue jacket with an attached shirt, shorts, fishnet stockings, a belt, gloves, and an eye mask.

The set is available in small, medium, and large sizes, and it’s sure to turn heads whether you’re at a Halloween party or out trick-or-treating.

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3. Punk Rocker

Fan of the punk style? Dress up as a punk rocker. Wear a black t-shirt and jeans. Some jewelry, like spiked bracelets, will bring authenticity to the look.

Add a leather motorcycle jacket or vest and a Mohawk or long, curly hair wig to the set-up, and you’ll be ready to go.


9pcs Rockstar Costume Men Rockstar Costume

A really cool set for anyone who wants to cosplay as a 90s punk. Masquerade as a rocker or movie character while riding your bike or be the star of the next Halloween party or cosplay event.

9pcs Rockstar Costume Men Rockstar Costume

With everything you need to complete your look, this set includes a long-hair wig, bandana, arm fake tattoo sleeve, cover gloves, sunglasses, and chain.

4. Skeleton Rider

Add a little scare factor to your biker Halloween costume by dressing up as a skeleton. It’s a simple but spooky costume that can be made with a few pieces of white fabric.

Cut a skeleton shape out of white fabric and attach it to a black t-shirt. Add some fake bones to the motorcycle and you’re ready to go.

To make it spookier, paint your face white and add black shades around your eyes to create a skeleton look.

Buy a comfortable skeleton-printed hoodie or sweatshirt if you can’t make a DIY t-shirt.


FARYSAYS Womens Halloween Party Zip Up Hoodies

The hoodie is the perfect way to show off your Halloween spirit, and they’re also great for keeping you warm during those chilly autumn nights.

FARYSAYS Womens Halloween Party Zip Up Hoodies

With its dramatic black and white color scheme and bold skeleton print, this hoodie will add a little edge to your look.

5. The Devil’s Motorcyclist

This costume is perfect for motorcycle riders who want to add devilish fun to their Halloween outfit.

Why not dress up as the devil himself for a truly evil look? You can find some excellent devil dress sets online or at your local costume shop.

Don’t forget about some menacing details like horns and a pitchfork. And, of course, add some red makeup on the face to complete the costume.


Jmkcoz Halloween Devil Costume Set

“Mwahahaha!” Cackle with glee this Halloween in these diabolical devil costume accessories.

Jmkcoz Halloween Devil Costume Set

6. The Classic Ghost Rider

It’s a tried-and-true attire for any cool biker. You only need a black T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and spiked gloves for a scary look.

If you want to get creative, use a flame skull as your helmet. For DIY fans, I’d suggest painting the face with white makeup and wearing a flame wig.


vickkt Halloween Ghost rider Mask

It’s made of 100% natural latex and weighs only 0.42lb/195g. You can Can see out clearly and breathe easily.

vickkt Halloween Ghost rider Mask

The helmet has holes in the eyes and nose areas, so you can breathe easily and see clearly. The snap-in closures make it easy to put on and take off.

7. The Street Racer

Such a get-up is perfect for motorcycle riders who want to show off their need for speed.

All you need is a brightly colored motorcycle helmet, some racing stickers, and a leather jacket.

You can also wear a pair of racing gloves to complete the look.


Dirt Bike Stickers, 50PCs Pack

The vinyl biker sticker set features different graphic designs that are sure to stand out. Add some flair to your helmet or bike with these cool stickers. They also make great gifts for the motocross enthusiast in your life.

Dirt Bike Stickers

Final Words

So, there you have seven great Halloween costume ideas for motorcycle riders. Just be sure to use common sense and good judgment when deciding what attire and accessories to wear. After all, you want to have a safe and fun Halloween.

FAQs about Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas for Motorcycle Riders

What material is good for a costume while riding a motorcycle?

Choose stretchy, breathable materials like cotton or synthetic blends that allow flexibility and comfort while riding and pedaling.

How can I make my motorcycle look spooky for Halloween?

Decorate your motorcycle with fake webs, plastic spiders, skeleton bones, stick-on bats and pumpkins. Use LED lights in orange and black colors and attach ghost cutouts to the handlebars.

Do I need to modify my motorcycle if I wear a large costume while riding?

It may be a good idea to install extensions or risers on the handlebars to give you more space between the costume and motorcycle controls. Test riding in your costume first is recommended.

Can I wear a full face helmet with a Halloween mask on my motorcycle?

No, it is not safe. A Halloween mask will obstruct your vision and hearing, making it dangerous to ride. Instead, decorate your helmet to match your costume.

Can I wear costume gloves while riding?

No, for safety you must have proper protective motorcycle gloves that are abrasion resistant and provide grip. Costume gloves offer no protection in a crash.

What if it rains while I’m out riding in my costume?

Make sure any costume is either fully waterproof or bring a water resistant outer layer to cover up. Rain can weigh down fabric making it hard to maneuver the motorcycle.

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