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What Motorcycle Visibility Products Should You Use?

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In this world of cars, using motorcycle visibility products is a must for all bikers. All drivers on the road watch out for other cars and trucks. In most cases, they don’t see you until their vehicle is about to collide with your bike.

“Oh, are you okay?”

“No hon, you’ve almost parked your car on top of me!”

Everyone will advise you to be more cautious. Of course, it’s valid advice. You need to be aware of the surroundings when riding a motorcycle on the highway or on a busy city road.

But being vigilant won’t save you from the callousness of other drivers. You need to make them see you… from a distance… so they don’t make the bullshit excuse of you suddenly popping up in front of them.

Motorcycle Visibility Products for a Better Road Presence

How can I increase my motorcycle visibility? Every biker must have wondered about this, at least for once. I hear you, brothers and sisters! Here are some outfits and accessories that will make even a drowsy driver spot you.

Wear a Colorful Helmet

The helmet remains at the top height when you are riding a bike. So, drivers in bigger vehicles are likely to see that helmet first before spotting you or the bike. In that case, wearing a hi-viz helmet seems to be the best safety measure you can take to avoid any unfortunate event.

Motorcycle visibility studies favor fluorescent and colorful helmets, such as yellow, orange, and red. White and green are good options too for those who don’t want to look too dorky in their colored helmet.

Which color you should choose is absolutely your preference. But keep the weather and riding time because some colors may appear faded in certain conditions.

A Highly Visible Jacket

If possible, pair up your helmet with a jacket that is bright in the upper torso or shoulders.

From a young age, it has been ingrained in our subconscious mind to pay attention to high-viz colors like yellow, orange, and neon green.

HWK Motorcycle Jacket for Men Adventure/Touring

HWK Motorcycle Jacket for Men Adventure/Touring


  • Weather resistant for all seasons
  • CE approved armor for impact protection
  • Removable insulation for temperature control
  • Ventilation panels for air flow and breathability
  • Reflective accents for low light visibility

A colorful jacket is likely to shift the attention of other drivers from the cheeseburger on their hands to you.

You can have a couple of jackets in different colors to wear in different weather.

Motorcycle Visibility Lights

Lights will draw the eye of other drivers instantly. Install a flashing light in a side vent or on the back of the helmet, to make a high-viz helmet even more visible.

Kairiyard LED Motorcycle Driving Lights

Kairiyard LED Motorcycle Driving Lights


  • Bright 9000 lumen output for 250m visibility
  • 3 lighting modes – spot, flash, fast strobe
  • Weatherproof aluminum alloy housing
  • Large heatsink for cooling performance

Keep the lights on all the time, day and night, because a rotating beacon or a blinking strobe light will make you visible from a long distance.

It will be annoying for others on the road but will surely make them notice you.

Some other lighting fixes could be a tail light that you can set at steady or blinking modes. Setting at the steady mode makes the light easily visible as it produces brighter illumination.

Light strips could be another option in your shopping list for motorcycle visibility products. Fix it on the number plate or saddlebag for the best visibility.

Reflective Tapes and Stickers

You can paste motorcycle reflective tape or stickers anywhere you like — on the helmet, jacket, and rear side of the bike. These can also stick out from the edges of panniers or anywhere that is highly visible from a distance.

customTAYLOR33 (All Vehicles) Red High Intensity Grade Reflective Safety Rim Tapes

customTAYLOR33 (All Vehicles) Red High Intensity Grade Reflective Safety Rim Tapes


  • Made from highest grade reflective material
  • Strong adhesive and durable UV/solvent resistant coating
  • Covers full rim circumference in one piece
  • Easy application without removing wheels

Have you thought of applying some tape around the wheels? It will definitely create a cool rim stripe.

Using motorcycle reflective stickers or tapes will boost your visual footprint when you are on the road.

Remember that these products are almost invisible during the daytime. But they absorb and reflect light at night, helping other drivers to spot your motorcycle.

The Final Words

Motorcycle visibility products, such as high-visibility clothing, help others, including car drivers and other motorists, to be aware of your presence on the road. But it is important to remember that these products alone do not make you invincible.

Thousands of fatal motorcycle accidents occur every year because car drivers do not notice the presence of a motorcycle on the roadway. Therefore, it is crucial to remain cautious and ride safely, using these visibility products as an additional measure to increase your conspicuity. By following these precautions, you can ensure road safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

FAQs about Motorcycle Visibility Products for Motorists

Why use motorcycle visibility products?

To be seen. Motorcycle riders face a higher risk of accidents because other vehicles may not notice them easily. Visibility aids like reflective vests, safety lights, and fluorescent tape can make bikers 10 times more visible, reducing risks.

What types of visibility products are best?

Reflective strips on helmet and jacket, waterproof LED safety lights on front, rear and sides, stick-on fluorescent tape with strong adhesion and reflective surfaces. These products are effective in day and night conditions.

Should I wear a vest or jacket?

Either can work. A visibility vest is compact, affordable and easily adjustable. But it covers less of your body. A brightly colored motorcycle jacket offers more coverage and protection while still being highly visible.

How often should I replace visibility products?

Replace fluorescent colors and reflective tapes every 1-2 riding seasons as they fade with UV exposure. Lights typically last 2-3 seasons if used sparingly. Make sure all lights work properly, and replace immediately if any burn out for optimal visibility.

Why are lights so important?

Safety lights attract drivers’ attention to your presence instantly. Red lights in rear and flashing rear lights are especially important to alert following vehicles. Front and side LED lights make you visible from all directions, improving reaction time for other drivers.

Should I wear high visibility colors?

Yes! Wearing fluorescent yellow, orange or lime green motorcycle jackets, helmets or pants can increase your visibility by up to 300% compared to black. Neon high visibility colors “pop” for drivers, even in their peripheral vision.

How do I apply reflective tape properly?

Clean the surface thoroughly and let it dry. Stretch the tape as you apply it along edges and corners for a smooth finish. Apply in straight lines for best reflectivity. Overlap strips for fuller coverage. Use heat from a blow dryer to activate the adhesive.

Can I upgrade my existing gear with visibility products?

Yes, absolutely. Add bright stickers, reflective tape and accessories to your existing motorcycle jacket, helmet, pants and boots. Consider installing auxiliary lights if your bike lacks enough visibility aids. The upgrades only take minutes but make a huge difference in how visible you are on the road.

What about reflective stickers for my bike?

Placing reflective stickers on your bike’s fenders, gas tank, and hard panniers increases the motorcycle’s overall visibility, especially from the sides. Consider multi-directional stickers for best effect. Apply to clean, grease-free surfaces for strong adhesion.

How do I clean my reflective products?

Use a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe dirt from reflective surfaces. Avoid harsh cleaners as they can damage adhesives. Air dry or pat dry with a towel. Some reflective products are machine washable – check tags for instructions. Avoid storing wet or expose to direct heat.

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