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4 Benefits of Motorcycle Boots with Buckles

Have you ever wondered why serious bikers always wear motorcycle boots with buckles? I mean, wouldn’t sneakers work just as well on a motorcycle? There’s got to be a reason why you never see experienced riders wearing anything but buckled boots, right?

Well I’m here to tell you, those buckles are more important than you think.

Motorcycle Boots with Buckles: Unique Benefits

There are some key benefits to riding with boots that strap on tight. Want to know what separates boots with buckles from the rest? Read on to find out the real deal with biker boots and why buckles are a must for hitting the open road.

1. Provide ankle support and stability

Buckles help boots fit securely and snugly around the ankle. You’ve no doubt heard stories of spills where a rider’s ankle got banged up pretty bad. Sometimes those injuries could’ve been prevented if their boots were fit right. That’s why pros swear by boots with buckles – the support they provide around the ankle is bar none.

This support helps prevent ankles from twisting or feet from slipping out of boots during rides.

When you strap in tight with buckles, your boots form a snug wrap around your entire ankle joint. This keeps your foot locked in place like a glove so it can’t twist or roll the wrong way in a crash.

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Ask any rider who’s gone down, and they’ll tell you how easy it is for your ankle to fold under the weight of the bike if your boot slips even an inch. Buckles make sure that doesn’t happen.

I remember one time out on my Speed Triple, hit a wet manhole cover wrong and lost the front end. Went sliding hard and my right foot popped halfway out of my boot as I tumbled. If that buckle hadn’t been done up, I’m sure my ankle would’ve been toast.

After that, I vowed never to skimp on protection there! The stability you get from a proper fit around the ankle could save you countless medical bills down the road.

Rigid ankle protection helps protect ankles from injury in the event of an accident.

That snug fit from the buckles is just part of the ankle protection story – you also need some tough armor backin’ it up. A good motorcycle boot will use reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, or comp effect armor around the ankles. Think of it like a rigid cast that can take an impact without cracking.

I’ve seen dudes roll an ankle on simple spill, and their foot was just floppin’ all over the place. Nasty stuff. With a sturdy ankle brace built into the boot, a tumble won’t leave your ankle bendin’ the wrong way. The armor holds its shape to distribute impacts and twistin’ motions across a wider area.

Some guys complain this stuff makes the boots feel bulky. Hey, I’d rather have my feet feel like bricks for a few hours than have a busted joint for months! Few ounces of protection could save you pounds of pain down the road.

Speaking of roads, all that grip and stability from the buckles means nothing if the ankle flattens on impact. You need that backup armor to really be set up for survival in a crash.

2. Protect feet and lower legs

In the motorcycle world, the higher the boot shaft, the safer the ride! Buckled boots come up over the ankles and cover a good portion of your lower legs. Why’s that important?

Glad you asked. Those shins and calves are sitting ducks on the highway if you’re only rocking low-cut shoes. All it takes is one wrong wiggle in a slide and those puppies are hamburger against the pavement. Seen it go down way too many times. High shafts envelope those vulnerable areas like a second skin.

The material they use isn’t just for looks either. Best boots line those shafts with the same hard-wearing armor you get around the knees and elbows. Talk about transforming your gam into literal leg armor!

Sturdy toe boxes and reinforced material around toes protects toes from injuries.

Those toes are holding you up every time you throw a leg over the bike, so don’t they deserve a little love too? Buckled boots wrap the piggies up nice and snug with a sturdy toe box. Made of the same puncture-proof materials as the sole, it forms a protective cup around your digits.

Why’s that so important? Because it only takes one wrong slip or rock during a spill before your toes are scraping the tarmac like crayons. No thanks! The toe box fends off debris and mandates your mitts stay intact, even if things go south.

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3. Improve grip on footpegs

  • Snug fit from buckles keeps feet firmly planted on footpegs
  • Less chance of feet slipping off pegs during heavy braking, acceleration, or turning
  • Better control of motorcycle since rider has solid grip with feet and lower legs

Ever had a moment on the pegs where your boots felt like they were doing the Mexican hat dance? Not fun when you need both feet planted like tree trunks. That’s where the buckle power comes in – they cinch your boots down so tight to the footpegs that your dogs may as well be welded in place.

No chance of slippage means you’ve always got full control no matter how hard you stand it up into a corner. Need to do an emergency brake-check? No problem, just mash that rear and your feet will cling like suction cups.

Trying to drag knee through a sweeping S-turn? Buckles make sure your boots and the pegs are one unit so you can push the lean that bit further.

Ask any stunt rider and they’ll tell you half their skills come down to being strung so tight to the bike that they move as one. The snug bond from buckles gives you that same motor-boot symbiosis. Plus it builds confidence knowing you can rip the velocity or pounds of pressure without worrying aboutfeet taking an exit.

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4. Enhance water resistance

Any rider knows you ain’t stopping just because the clouds open up. But sticking your feet into sopping wet boots for hours ain’t exactly a fun time. Buckles save the day again by locking down tight around the ankle and shin openings.

See, without that pull, water tends to seep in millimeter by millimeter any time your leg moves inside the boot. And trust me, by the end of a long rainy ride your socks will be sloshing. Buckles create a watertight seal like a wetsuit. You can blast through puddles deep enough to surf in and your tootsies stay bone dry.

I remember one torrential XC ride where my old buddies were sloshing around socks like aquatic mammals. Me? Other than a few drips around the top, my feet felt toasty warm and cozy the whole way. No amount of squirming or flailing could break that buckle-sealed barrier.

If you’ve ever ripped home from a rainy day ride with soggy, pruned feet, you know the value of staying high and dry. Buckles do that job better than any boot with half-sealed flaps or Velcro closures. Might as well make the most of cool riding even when the weather ain’t.

FAQs about the Benefits of Motorcycle Boots with Buckles

How do buckle closures help?

Buckles provide a more secure closure compared to lace-ups, keeping the boot tighter and preventing it from shifting during rides.

Are motorcycle boots with buckles safer?

Potentially. Buckles along with closer ankle cut allow less debris from entering the top of the boot, making it less likely for something to get caught in laces or openings.

Do buckles offer better ankle support?

Yes! The extra closures and tighter fit provided by buckles braces the ankle joint and reduces flexibility which helps reduce the risk of sprains.

Are laces or buckles better for ventilation?

Buckles allow ample airflow if there is perforation in the uppers and vents. However, laces may potentially allow for better ventilation.

Do buckles or laces last longer?

Metal buckles tend to outlast laces that can fray or break down over time, making buckle closures more durable overall.

Are buckle boots more comfortable?

That depends on personal preference. While buckles offer a more “custom” fit, some riders find laces to be more adjustable and comfortable.

Do buckles weigh more than laces?

Generally, yes. Buckle closures, hardware, and extra material typically add some additional weight compared to laces alone.

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