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Short or Tall Motorcycle Boots: Which One Is Better?

Hey guys! We’re so excited to be here with you today because we will talk about the age-old question: short or tall motorcycle boots? Which one is better?

The short boots are practical and easy to put on, but they also look boring and don’t protect your calves.

The tall boots are cool, intimidating, and protective, but they’re also a pain to put on and take off.

We’re about to give you the rundown on short and long motorcycle boots, so you can decide what’s going to keep your feet safe and comfortable on the open road.

Short or Tall Motorcycle Boots: Which One Is Better?

That’s right—we’re diving deep into the debate between tall vs short motorcycle boots.

Let us help you decide which ones are best for your needs.

What are short motorcycle boots?

Short motorcycle boots are, well… short. They come in various styles and materials—from steel-toed to soft leather pull-on—but the defining factor is that they only cover the ankle area.

And despite being short and sweet, they still have that unmistakable edgy motorcycle-style—you know the one: think slightly buckled leather, a little bit of metal hardware here or there, maybe some studs or rivets, or buckles and straps… you get the idea!

Pros of short motorcycle boots

short or long motorcycle boots
Short boots are breathable. Image credit: Gijs Coolen / UnSplash

Suitable for all-purpose use. They’re great for walking around town—if you buy the right pair, no one will notice that they’re motorcycle boots. You can combine them with almost anything: leggings, jeans, sweatpants, shorts… You name it! And they’ll always look amazing.

Convenient. Short boots are easier to get in and out of than tall ones. They offer more comfort if your pants are tight around the ankles or calves—sometimes, it’s not possible to tuck them into tall boots.

Easier to walk on. Not only that, but short boots are more comfortable to walk in than tall ones (speaking from experience). It’s harder to catch your foot on something when you’re wearing short boots, meaning you’re less likely to trip and fall.

Tall boots don’t offer much legroom either—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want legroom?

Better airflow. Plus, if you live in an area that gets hot during the summer months (and even if it doesn’t), short boots are much cooler than tall ones.

It’s better to wear proper pants to survive the dog days of summer, and short boots will complement that outfit nicely.

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Cons of short motorcycle boots

Nothing’s perfect. So, there are some downsides to wearing short boots too.

  • Short footwear is more likely to get wet when it rains.
  • They are not as protective as tall boots. Since the ankle is exposed, it’s vulnerable to impact when a crash occurs.

What are tall motorcycle boots?

These are regular motorcycle boots that have been modified with an extra few inches of height. They’re usually made out of leather and add a little bit of height on top of your calf. There are various styles available, including buckled and buckle-less.

Pros of tall motorcycle boots

Tall boots. Image credit: PxHere

Better for protection. It’s protective footwear that allows riders to keep their feet in the best possible position. They are made to provide extra shock absorption and comfort and support when riding—a lot like how knee pads work for hockey players.

Protect from weather elements. The weatherproofing on these bad boys means that your feet will stay warm and dry if you get caught in the rain.

If it’s cold outside, they’ll keep your feet warm, and when you’re walking around town and don’t want to get your legs dirty, they’ll protect them from dirt. They make you feel empowered when you wear them while riding a motorcycle.

Stylish. These kinds of boots can look good on anyone, but we prefer them on riders who are bold, brave, and ready to take on all challenges. If that sounds like you, go ahead and give tall boots a try.

Cons of tall motorcycle boots

  • Tall boots look great but can be uncomfortable for long days on your feet. The height of the boot puts pressure on your feet and calves, which can make them feel sore after a long day of wear.
  • You may need to use tongue pads and inserts to avoid chafing or blister issues.
  • Harder to put on and take off. However, they may have zippers that allow them to be taken on and off easily.

The Bottom Line

Short motorcycle boots are like the mini-skirts of the clothing world. They’re easy to get on and off, versatile enough to be worn with various outfits, and let your feet breathe.

Tall motorcycle boots, on the other hand, are like maxi dresses. They may not be as versatile as their shorter counterparts, but they’re more protective and provide more coverage and warmth.

So, which one do you like better? Short or tall motorcycle boots? Let’s know in the comments below.

FAQs about Short or Tall Motorcycle Boots

What is the difference between short and tall motorcycle boots?

Short boots cover the ankle while tall ones go up the shin or calf. Tall boots provide more protection, support and stability for the ankle and lower leg during riding.

Are short boots safe for motorcycling?

While they provide less coverage, short boots can still enhance safety when riding as long as they are designed for motorcycling with durable leather uppers, ankle protection and stiff soles.

Why would someone prefer short boots over tall ones?

Short boots offer more ventilation, flexibility and comfort, especially in warm weather. They are also lighter weight and easier to walk in when off the bike compared to tall boots.

How much ankle support do short boots provide?

While all motorcycle boots aim to provide some level of ankle support, short boots by their design expose more of the ankle joint and therefore offer less inherent stability and protection compared to tall boots that cover more of the ankle bones and ligaments.

Should I wear over-pants with short boots?

Wearing motorcycle-specific overpants with zippers that go over short boots is often recommended to provide additional protection for the exposed ankle area. The combination can match the safety level of tall boots while providing more comfort and flexibility.

What features should I look for in good motorcycle boots?

Durable leather uppers, ankle protection, stiff soles, snug fit, water resistance, high abrasion resistance, impact protectors over toes and heels, and steel shanks for rigidity. Reflective elements and comfort padding are bonuses.

Are tall boots more stable at high speeds?

Yes, generally tall boots are considered to provide better stability and protection at higher speeds due to covering more of the ankle bones and lower leg. They can help keep the foot and ankle securely in place on footpegs during sudden maneuvers and hard braking.

Do tall boots reduce gear shifting feel?

Some riders report that tall boots can make foot shifting and clutch lever feel slightly muted compared to short boots due to the extra material between the foot and shift/clutch mechanisms. However, most high-quality tall boots are designed to minimize any loss of sensitivity.

Do laces or bucks provide better ankle support in short boots?

While lace-up short boots can often adjust more precisely to the ankle shape, buckle straps (when properly tightened) may provide a more rigid and secure closure that helps resist boot rotation and loss of support during aggressive riding and leaning.

Can tall boots be worn as everyday footwear?

While possible, most riders find tall motorcycle boots uncomfortable for all-day walking due to their stiff soles, heavy materials, and excessive height. They’re usually best saved for riding only and paired with more comfortable shoes for everyday wear.

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