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Best Motorcycle Handlebar Mitts: Stay Warm on the Ride

Ever get the feeling like your hands might freeze right onto the handlebars during long winter rides? You know how it goes – the temperature drops, the winds pick up, and before you know it your fingers feel numb. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a solution to keep those digits toasty while still maintaining full control of your bike?

Well look no further, because handlebar mitts just might be the answer. These innovative little gloves slip right over your bars to create a cozy warm pocket for your hands. Now you can brave even the bitterest conditions without fear of losing feeling in those extremities.

Curious how well they work or what styles are out there? Then keep reading to learn all about the best motorcycle handlebar mitts for staying warm on two wheels, even in frigid temps.

Our Top Picks: The Best Motorcycle Handlebar Mitts

We’ve reviewed some of the best motorcycle handlebar muffs on the market. Find out what makes them better than other products.

Kolpin Geartector Mitts

Kolpin Geartector Mitts


  • Rigid wind/waterproof exterior panel
  • Fleece-lined, roomy interior
  • Drawcord sealing system fits most vehicles
  • Open cuff design for easy on/off

We recently tested the Kolpin Geartector Mitts and found them to be a great choice for keeping hands warm on two wheels, especially for the affordable price. As dedicated motorcycle handlebar mitts, the Geartector delivers on its top selling points while also having some limitations to be aware of.

The Rigid exterior panel does an excellent job blocking wind and rain, which we’ve appreciated during numerous soggy rides here in the Pacific Northwest. With the mitts in place, our hands have stayed toasty even in temps below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, a major plus for winter commuting. The roomy fleece-lined interior provides full access to controls too, so no need to sacrifice function for warmth.

However, we did find that very strong crosswinds can push back on the brake levers at highway speeds. This isn’t usually an issue, but it’s something to watch out for in extreme conditions. Thankfully, there are workarounds like extending the handlebars out in front of the mitts. We also wish the opening was a touch more form-fitted to prevent any chance of getting pinched by unintended throttle movement.

All things considered though, the Geartector Mitts deliver solid wind and water protection without breaking the bank. And their flexibility to fit most any ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle is a real bonus.

Best Feature: Rigid Wind and Waterproof Exterior Panel

This sturdy outer shell plays a key role in the mitts’ functionality. While most gloves or mitts rely on flexible fabrics, the Geartector uses a solid plastic-like material to form a barrier against wind and moisture. Rather than battling gusts of air, the panel simply deflects them to keep hands naturally cozy within the fleece-lined interior.

Riders know how violently winds can whip around at speed, and icy raindrops stinging skin can zap warmth quickly. But with the Geartector’s shield-like panel, hands relax protected no matter the elements thrown. On soggy rides, wrist to fingertips staybone dry instead of gradually dampening like with permeable materials.

It’s this tough-yet-simple rigid panel that truly allows the Geartector Mitts to deliver heated hands even in frigid conditions top motorcycle handlebar mitts promise. By engineering out penetrating winds and water, hands basksnugly cocooned from the outdoors—exactly what riders need from handlebar accessories in dreary weather.


  • Hands stay warm down to 40°F
  • Full access to controls
  • Affordable price


  • Strong winds can push levers at highway speeds
  • Opening not perfectly form-fitted

Katahdin Gear Gauntlets Mitts

Katahdin Gear Gauntlets Mitts W/Wire Opening


  • Wire opening for easy access while retaining heat
  • Reflective trim for visibility
  • Soft fleece lining and waterproof outer shell
  • One size fits most
  • Inexpensive

When we first saw “gauntlets,” we weren’t too sure about how well they’d work on a motorcycle. Seemed like they’d be flopping all over and getting in the way of operating the bars and controls. But after using them we got to say, we’re a believers!

The Velcro strap tightens them up nice and secure onto my hand guards, and that wire opening does a great job of keeping my hands covered without getting in the way. I can operate everything with no issues.

They do a superb job of blocking out cold winds too. Even on 30 degree mornings my hands stay warm. The fleece interior and waterproof outer shell really do the trick. And I like that I can stash them in my backpack without taking up much space when not in use. Save your gloves from wear and tear too.

Now they’re not perfect. We could see how on a sled without hand guards they might not stay in place as well. And if you’re bombing through deep powder you’d want a bit more mobility than these allow. But for most riding we think they do the job.

Best Feature: Wire Opening

While most insulated mitts provide full coverage of the hand, the wire opening on these gauntlets allows for dexterity that’s important for motorcyclists. It has a wide opening that lets you easily slip your hands in and out, yet closes securely around your wrists to retain heat.

This is extremely useful when you need to adjust controls with precision, like the throttle, brakes, or signals. Rather than having to remove bulky mitts entirely, you can isolate just your fingers through the opening. It maintains hand warmth while permitting the fine motor control that riding demands in different environments and conditions.

The wire opening truly sets these gauntlets apart. It provides the insulation and protection of full mitts with the functionality that motorcyclists require in a way that no other design accomplishes as seamlessly.


  • Keep hands warm on cooler rides
  • Secure nicely to handlebars with velcro
  • Pack down small for storage
  • Inexpensive backup option to gloves


  • May not work for aggressive riding
  • Could flap more without hand guards
  • Sizing may not work for everyone
  • Less dexterity than thin gloves

PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet Mitts

PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet Mitts


  • Block wind and cold effectively, allow hands to stay warm even at sub-40° temps
  • Secure, snug fit helps prevent air leaks
  • Durable construction maintains shape ride after ride

After putting the PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlets to the test, I think we’ve found one of the best motorcycle handlebar mitts out there.

These gauntlets do a fantastic job at keeping hands warm, even on sub-40 degree rides. Before using them, my fingers would go numb no matter how thick my gloves were. But with the PowerMadd mitts blocking the wind, my hands stay comfortable. They have a snug fit too, so no unwanted air leaks in.

As some reviewers pointed out, installation can be a bit tricky if you have rear view mirrors mounted close to the bars. My buddies and I found that drilling a few extra holes allowed everything to fit just right. It took some tinkering, but was worth the effort to enjoy warm hands on longer winter journeys.

The durable construction also means these gauntlets maintain their shape ride after ride. No more wrestling with mitts that flop around, the PowerMadd stay neatly in place so your focus stays on the road. And at their reasonable price point, they’re a much more affordable way to stay cozy than pricier brand-name options.

Now don’t get me wrong; no wind guard is totally wind-proof. My thumbs still get a bit chilly at highway speeds. But for the price, these gauntlets do amazingly well at blocking gusts so your whole hand stays comfortable frankly longer than I expected.

Best Feature: Wind and Cold Protection

Many riders know the agony of numb hands on cooler weather rides. Regular gloves just aren’t enough as speeds increase and temperatures drop. This is where the PowerMadd mitts truly shine.

Their dual-layer construction, with rigid plastic lining and soft outer layer, work together to form an advanced wind barrier. This blocks bitter gusts and keeps cozy warm air trapped around the hands. Even on extended rides at highway speeds, where other mitts may falter, the PowerMadd keep riders’ hands comfortably warm.

The solid shield they provide around the hands is remarkably robust. No matter how frigid the temperatures or powerful the winds, harmful cold is prevented from ever reaching the rider’s hands to begin with. Unlike single-layer mitts or hand guards alone, the PowerMadd utilize a serious two-pronged defense that really gets the job done.

Whether commuting or touring, riders value nothing more than keeping warm and comfortable in challenging conditions. By making cold-induced hand pain or numbness a thing of the past, the PowerMadd mitts make that goal an achievable reality even on chilly fall or winter excursions.


  • Reasonably priced for the protection offered
  • Easy on/off with Velcro enclosure
  • Multiple size options available


  • Installation can be tricky with certain handlebar setups
  • Thumbs may still feel some chill at highway speeds
  • Require matching handguards for best results

Kolpin Geartector Motorcycle Mitts

Kolpin Geartector Motorcycle Mitts


  • Roomy interior provides full handlebar control access
  • Rigid front panel protects hands from debris
  • Drawcord securely fastens mitts to bars
  • Extra-large cuffs make mitts easy to put on/take off
  • Plush fleece lining keeps hands warm and cozy

We love Kolpin’s Geartector Motorcycle Mitts. They’re easily one of the best motorcycle handlebar mitts we’ve tried.

These mitts have roomy interiors that allow full access to all your handlebar controls. The rigid front panel provides ample protection from stray branches or debris on the trail without feeling bulky. An innovative draw cord design securely fastens the mitts to your bars without interfering with your grip. The cord is simple to use with one quick tug, even with cold hands or gloves on.

Sliding your arms into the plush fleece lining is a breeze thanks to extra-large cuff openings. Once on, these mitts form a snug, wind-blocking seal to keep cold air out and warmth in. On freezing days, we couldn’t even feel the chill! Controls feel natural too – we didn’t have to adjust our riding style at all.

Of course, like any protective gear, there is a break-in period. But once broken in, these mitts maintain their shape ride after ride. The durable construction has also stood up well to brush and branches with no tears or loose threading.

Best Feature: Wind and Cold Protection

These mitts feature a plush fleece lining that forms a snug, cozy seal around the rider’s hands. The interior fleece combines with the rigid front panel to block gusts of wind that could otherwise penetrate cracks and seams in less well-designed mitts.

On extremely cold rides down to freezing temperatures, our hands stayed warm and toasty inside the Geartectors. We really couldn’t feel any chill coming through, which is impressive given how well ventilated motorcycle mitts need to be for effective hand operation.

The outstanding insulation allows riders to simply focus on the ride without the discomfort of numb fingers. It also enhances safety by keeping blood flowing to the hands on long winter journeys.


  • Excellent wind and cold protection
  • Comfortable and natural riding feel
  • Durable construction stands up to use
  • Affordable for high quality protective gear


  • Short break-in period
  • Not ideal for sport/supersport riding styles

Motorcycle Dirt Bike Mitts

BAR MITTS Snowmobile ATV Motorcycle Dirt Bike Mitts


  • Thick neoprene & nylon construction
  • Wide Velcro straps for secure attachment
  • Large cuffs for full hand coverage

We’ve been riding dirt bikes in the California desert for years, and keeping our hands warm during the cooler months is always a challenge. Gloves protect from scrapes but make it harder to feel the bars, while thinner gloves or mitts leave your hands cold and exposed. That’s why we were excited to try the BAR MITTS after hearing good things from other riders.

Right out of the package, it’s clear these are serious insulators; they’re huge! The thick neoprene construction and soft cuffs feel like you’re wearing miniature snowmobile suits on your hands. Installation is easy too, with wide Velcro straps that securely wrap around handguards or controls without interfering. We were impressed by the build quality and attention to detail.

Our first ride with the BAR MITTS on was a real test, a chilly morning session in the mountains. And our hands stayed warm the whole time, even without gloves inside. The construction blocked wind nicely while letting us grip the bars with confidence. We could see these being invaluable for snowmobiling or extended winter rides.

The mitts add bulk that some may not love. They weren’t a great fit for our bikes with tight bar spacing either. And SoCal weather didn’t always call for such serious insulation. But for colder climates, these are a definite must-have for keeping hands warm and dry through long stints in the elements.

All in all, the mitts deliver where it counts, hardcore hand protection. Although not a perfect solution for every situation, they’re outstanding cold weather gear for sleds, quads, and dirt bikes that prioritize function over minimalism.

Best Feature: Excellent Insulation

The thick neoprene construction sets these mitts apart. Neoprene is a closed-cell foam rubber that provides outstanding thermal insulation. It traps warm air inside while blocking cold and wind. This keeps riders’ hands warm in even the most frigid conditions.

Unlike thinner materials, the dense neoprene of the BAR MITTS will retain heat for far longer. So hands stay toasty even after long stops at high altitudes or during breaks. This allows riders to focus on the ride instead of their frozen fingers.

The addition of soft nylon lining inside further boosts heat retention. Together, these materials form an extremely effective barrier against cold. Even without gloves underneath, hands feel cozy and protected in below freezing temperatures.

When other insulated gear fails, the BAR MITTS will continue shielding hands from the elements. Their thermal properties let riders push on in conditions too bitter for lesser mitts. That unmatched ability to fend off cold makes insulation the top standout feature.


  • Excellent insulation to keep hands warm
  • Durable materials and stitching
  • Easy on/off installation
  • Good wind/weather blocking


  • Bulky size not suited for tighter bars
  • Some interference with controls possible
  • Not needed for milder climates
  • Add extra preparation time

How We Tested the Motorcycle Handlebar Mitts

We tested a bunch of different pairs of handlebar mitts to find the best ones.

First thing is comfort. You want your hands to feel cozy and protected, not squeezed to death! We wore each pair for hours on the bike, in all types of weather. That lets you really feel the differences in materials.

For insulation, we dunked mitts in ice water to check how long it took to feel cold. We also wore them in below freezing temps just to be sure. Wind protection is key too, so we clocked wind speeds with each pair on. The less buffeting you feel, the better job they’re doing.

Durability is important too. We threw pairs in the washing machine to see how they held up. A few balled up like sad sock puppets! We also tested flex and bend zones to make sure they move with your hands naturally on the bars. Nothing worse than stiff, cracking seams after a while.

Style is subjective but we tried to find mitts that look decent on most types of bikes. Safety features like retro-reflectivity and brake triggers were a must too.

In the end, we picked pairs that consistently scored high ratings across all our testing factors: comfort, insulation, durability and value for the dollar. Hope this gives you an idea of what we focused on to find the overall best motorcycle handlebar mitts out there!

FAQs About the Best Motorcycle Handlebar Mitts

Is it okay to wear bulky mitts if I have smaller hands?

Mitts made of thinner, more compressible materials like fleece tend to work well even for riders with smaller hands. Look for mitts labeled as “universal fit” or try different sizes on at your local dealer.

Do the Brake Trigger mitts really work with thick gloves?

Brake trigger mitts are very effective, even with insulated winter gloves underneath. The flexible tab is designed to pinch the front brake lever through multiple glove layers for natural braking feel. Just takes a ride or two to get used to.

How long do mitts typically last before needing replacement?

With regular use, insulated motorcycle mitts can typically last 2-3 seasons before material starts wearing thin. Heated mitts may last a bit less due to constant heat exposure. Proper care like stored in a dry place extends lifespan.

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