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5 Best Non Heated Winter Motorcycle Gloves in Every Budget

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Winter riding sure can be cold on the hands! If you’re looking to keep your fingers from freezing but don’t want all the bulk and cost of heated gear, take a look at our roundup of the best non heated winter motorcycle gloves.

Best Non Heated Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Our Top 5 Picks

From basic budget picks that’ll beat having bare hands to premium options with all the insulation and features, we’ve run through some top-rated choices at every price point.

You’ll find stuff for everything from a quick commute to an all-day riding tour. And who knows, maybe one pair will have you barely noticing the chill.



OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

Waterproof Winter Gloves

🎯What We Love

  • Exceptional cold weather insulation
  • Hands stay dry in any conditions
  • Natural dexterity on the bars
  • Great value for the features

⛔Things To Consider

  • Not intended for long touring rides
  • Minimal knuckle protection
  • Touchscreen doesn’t always work perfectly


  • Multilayer construction for maximum warmth
  • Full waterproof shell and breathable membrane
  • Anti-slip silicone palm for secure grip
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertips
  • Elastic cuffs for secure fit

These OZERO gloves have quickly become our go-to for cold weather riding. As motorcycle riders in all seasons, keeping our hands warm without bulk or breaks in dexterity is crucial. These are the warmest non heated motorcycle gloves with multilayer construction.

We’ve found the 2mm insulated sponge and breathable waterproof membrane truly lock in warmth while venting moisture. On chilly commutes down to freezing, our fingers stay toasty even at highway speeds. And they dry remarkably fast when moisture does sneak in – no more clammy rides.

The full waterproof shell is a bonus in wet conditions too. Whether it’s snow, rain or just soaked roads, our hands stay dry ride after ride. That means one less thing to worry about in nasty weather.

Grip isn’t compromised either thanks to the anti-slip silicone palms. Shifting, braking and holding the bars is natural even with winter layers on our hands. Bonus points for the touchscreen fingertips – no more fumbling with gloved hands to use our maps or music.

Now they’re not motorcycle-specific, so knuckle protection is lacking. But for the price, these serve us well on all but the longest winter rides. As commuter gloves, the warmth and features can’t be beat. They’ve softened up nicely too after some wear-in.



KEMIMOTO Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Winter Motorcycle Gloves

🎯What We Love

  • Extremely warm for non-heated gloves
  • Protective while still flexible
  • Good grip in wet/dry conditions
  • Affordable for serious cold-weather performance

⛔Things To Consider

  • Insulation density lessens with prolonged use
  • Touch areas and grip pads could be more sensitive
  • Provides dampness over long periods in heavy rain
  • May need to order a size up from usual


  • 4-layer insulation system keeps hands warm in freezing temps
  • PVC armor on back of hands and knuckles
  • Waterproof and windproof exterior
  • Conductive fingertips for touchscreen use

As motorcycle riders ourselves, we know all too well how brutal a winter ride can be on cold hands. Our leather gloves just weren’t cutting it last season. No matter how many layers we wore underneath, our fingers still felt like icicles within an hour. That’s why we were excited to give these KEMIMOTO best non heated winter motorcycle gloves a try.

Right off the bat, we were impressed by how warm and protective they felt. With four insulation layers including 3M Thinsulate, these gloves trapped heat very well. Our hands stayed toasty even during two-hour highway hauls at 70 mph when it was barely above freezing out.

The waterproof and windproof materials kept wind and precipitation far from penetrating too. We even braved a major rainstorm and, while our hands got damp over time like any glove would, they didn’t get dangerously cold like before.

Another big win is the PVC armor along the back of the hands and knuckles. It offers solid protection from potential road rash without compromising mobility or dexterity at all.

The microfiber palm material provided excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions too, boosting our confidence on tricky corners.

Even better, we could use our phones’ touchscreens through the conductive fingertips, which is great for navigating or taking calls on the go!

The insulating power does diminish somewhat after long-term use as the padding inside shifts. We also wish the touchscreen areas and grip pads were a tad more sensitive. But for the price, these gloves keep hands warmer than all but heated options.

We’ll be stocking up for next season before they sell out!

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IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Gloves Winter

Motorcycle Gloves Winter

🎯What We Love

  • Fingers stay toasty even in sub-freezing temps
  • Excellent protection from elements on long rides
  • Built to last through many seasons of use

⛔Things To Consider

  • On the thicker side which may be too bulky for some hands
  • Cuffs tend to fit snug which can be difficult to pull over jacket sleeves


  • Touchscreen-compatible materials allow gloves to stay on for navigation
  • Waterproof and windproof shell keeps hands dry and warm for hours
  • Reinforced suede patches improve grip and prevent material wear
  • Form-fitting design allows for precise control without removing layers

We’ve been putting IRON JIA’s best non heated winter motorcycle gloves through their paces this season, and we have to say – these gloves deliver!

While not explicitly labeled as heated, these gloves keep fingers toasty even in below freezing temperatures.

The ergonomic hard shell design provides excellent protection from wind and rain without compromising feel on the bars. The reinforced suede patches by the thumbs and fingers prevent material wear from the grip, so they’ll last through many long rides.

On days with poor conditions, we’ve ridden for hours with hands remaining cozy and dry inside – the waterproof and windproof shells really do their job.

Talk about features that enhance control – the special touchscreen-compatible materials mean you don’t have to remove gloves to use your phone or adjust music, even with layers on.

The form-fitting designs also allow for precise shifting and braking without swapping layers on and off. In sub-40 degree rides we’ve stayed comfortable for hours using only these gloves.

Now comfort and protection come at a tradeoff of bulk, and these gloves are on the thicker side. Those with smaller hands may find the cuffs a touch snug.

But in harsh winter weather the tradeoff is worthwhile – our fingers have stayed warm and safe thanks to the reinforced padding.



ISSYAUTO Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Winter Motorcycle Gloves

🎯What We Love

  • Excellent warmth and dexterity for the affordable price
  • Grip-enhancing design improves control in slippery conditions
  • Customizable fit with the flexing carbon shell

⛔Things To Consider

  • Slightly bulky for warm-weather rides
  • Narrow knuckle coverage for some hand sizes
  • Tactile feedback reduced vs thinner gloves


  • Touchscreen-compatible index finger
  • Anti-shock and anti-slide palm padding
  • Thermal insulation keeps hands warm down to 25°F
  • Ergonomic carbon fiber shell provides impact protection

We recently had the chance to try out the ISSYAUTO Winter Motorcycle Gloves for ourselves, and we have to say – these gloves are hands down the best affordable non-heated option for cold-weather riding.

While other winter gloves can break the bank, the ISSYAUTO gloves provide critical protection without the steep price tag. As budget-minded riders, we appreciate a product that keeps our hands warm without forcing us to empty our wallets.

And after putting these gloves to the test in all kinds of freezing temperatures, we can confidently say they’re worth every penny.

One of the things we liked most is how well they perform without extra power or wiring. The fabric construction and thermal padding trapped heat around our hands, keeping them cozy down to around 25 degrees Fahrenheit – without any battery fuss.

Even better, the ergonomic carbon shell morphs to our hands and provides impact resistance, just in case of an accident.

Between the protection and warmth, we felt secure getting miles in, no matter how frosty it was outdoors.

Of course, winter gloves means sacrificing some tactility – but ISSYAUTO thought of that too with their touchscreen-compatible index finger.

We were able to use our phones for directions or music without bothering to remove our gloves. It’s a small thing, but a major usability win considering the weather conditions.

Speaking of usability, the anti-slide palm padding also boosted our grip in tricky situations, like icy corners or slippery downshifts.

Now are they perfect? Not quite – they do take some getting used to bulk-wise if you’re used to lighter gloves.

And lining up the carbon knuckles isn’t an exact science. But for the affordable protection and high-performing design you get here, a little petite compromising is to be expected.

At the end of the day, these gloves are a total steal for keeping hands warm and safe through long winter rides. Any rider on a budget would do well to make the ISSYAUTO their go-to cold weather companion.

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MAXAX ST-10 Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Winter Motorcycle Gloves

🎯What We Love

  • Excellent warmth to price ratio
  • Comfortable and unrestrictive fit
  • Integrated knuckle protection

⛔Things To Consider

  • Water resistance could be better for severe rain


  • Thinsulate insulation keeps hands warm down to 30°F
  • Leather/textile construction offers durability and feel
  • Adjustable cuffs block drafts
  • Touchscreen tips allow use of electronics

It’s no secret that riding in the cold weather can be brutal on the hands, so we riders are always on the lookout for the best not heated motorcycle gloves to keep our digits toasty.

After putting the MAXAX ST-10 Winter Gloves through their paces this season, we think we may have found a new favorite.

These gloves impressed us with their cozy but rugged construction. The Thinsulate insulation does a phenomenal job of trapping warmth without adding unnecessary bulk.

And with the leather and textile combination on the palms and knuckles, we got the best of both worlds – weatherproof protection and still enough tactile feel to operate all our controls with confidence.

Where these gloves really shine is out on the open road. Even on 30+ mile commutes into bone-chilling winds, our hands stayed toasty and comfortable the whole way.

The adjustable cuffs do a great job of blocking out drafts too. We were even able to take calls and use our GPS easily thanks to the touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

Of course no glove is perfect, and after some soaking rains we did find the water resistance could be better.

But for the great price and stellar cold-weather performance otherwise, we’re more than willing to layer up or bring along backup gloves on wet rides.

The Essential Features of Non Heated Motorcycle Gloves

For die-hard riders, non heated motorcycle gloves are a must-have accessory. The features that make a pair of these gloves ideal for riding in winter are:

Thermal Liners

You might think of liners as the interiors of your gloves. They exist to keep you warm when it’s cold, wet, and windy outside. Some gloves have removable liners for additional warmth. Others are integrated into the glove.

There are multiple different materials that motorcycle glove liners are made from, with wool and synthetic materials being the two most common options.

Traditional wool liners are still quite popular among motorcyclists, but there has been a growing interest in modern synthetic materials used by brands like Thinsulate in recent years.

These new synthetic materials are generally lighter than traditional wool gloves and more resistant to water damage. They can often be washed easier than their wool counterparts as well.

These factors make them an attractive option for motorcyclists who frequently find themselves on the road in inclement weather conditions.


The tiny details can make or break your experience with your gloves, so heed these basic tips:

Stitching: Are the seams double stitched? Are they held together by glue or glue-like agents? Check for loose threads and other unfinished parts; if there are lots of them, maybe you should consider a different pair.

The seams need to stay put if you want your gloves to last through long adventures (or just one particularly rainy day).

Materials: Is it mostly leather, synthetic material, or a combination thereof? If you have sensitive skin or have been known to have reactions from certain materials (such as wool), it’s important that you check this ahead of time.

Durability: If you need new gloves every winter season because they fall apart in six months, then they’re probably not worth buying. Try looking for options that promise longevity and come with return policies just in case something goes wrong.


The wrist straps, zippers, and buckles you’ll find on your gloves will be an important part of keeping you warm, as well as keeping the water out.

When buying a pair of cold-weather motorcycle gloves, you should pay attention to some features in particular.

How easy are they to use? Are there any strange corners or tricky spots that might make it difficult to pull on the glove? Does the zipper stay in place or do you have to fix it back into its track?

If you’re ordering online and aren’t able to try them on, read user reviews carefully.

Are Non Heated Gloves Better Than Heated Gloves?

It’s no secret that cold weather can be brutal on your hands. The wind chill factor can make riding in even moderate temperatures uncomfortable. And when the mercury dips below freezing, it can be downright painful.

That’s why many riders invest in heated gloves. But heated gloves come with a few potential problems. They’re often bulky and can make it difficult to grip the handlebars. They can also fail completely or overheat your hands because of mechanical failure.

So what’s the alternative? Non heated gloves.

Non heated gloves have a few advantages over their heated counterparts.

1. You don’t have to worry about batteries.

Heated gloves require batteries, and those batteries can die at the most inopportune times. With non-heated gloves, you don’t have to think about that. You can just enjoy the ride without having to worry about your gloves.

2. They’re less expensive.

Heated gloves can be quite expensive, especially if you get a good pair. Non-heated gloves, on the other hand, are much more affordable. You can get high-quality non-heated gloves for a fraction of the price of heated gloves.

3. They’re more comfortable.

Heated gloves can be quite bulky and uncomfortable. Non-heated gloves, on the other hand, are much more comfortable. They don’t have all the extra bulk, and they conform to your hand much better.

4. They don’t require maintenance.

Heated gloves require a lot of maintenance. You have to make sure the batteries are charged and clean the heating elements regularly. Non-heated gloves don’t require any maintenance. You can just put them on and go.

5. They’re safer.

Heated gloves can be dangerous if they malfunction. Non-heated models are much safer. There’s no risk of them malfunctioning and causing you harm.

FAQs about Non Heated Winter Motorcycle Gloves

What temperature rating should I look for in winter motorcycle gloves?

For cold weather riding, aim for gloves rated for 30°F/-1°C or below. Look for insulation made of materials like Thinsulate, 3M Thinsulate, polyester, shearling or wool to keep hands warm down to freezing or below.

Do thicker gloves limit dexterity too much for riding?

Most winter gloves still allow good dexterity for operating controls as long as they aren’t massive heavy duty work gloves. Consider cowhide or synthetic leather with gauntlet cuffs to block wind but sealed seams to not restrict wrist movement. Touchscreen compatible indexes also help utilitarian function.

How do I keep hands warm if not using heated gloves?

Layer lightweight glove liners under insulated gloves. Have extra battery-powered hand warmers on hand in case fingers get cold. Take regular breaks to bring circulation back up. Waterproofing is key to block wind and moisture. Give hands full sun exposure when stopped. Consider windproof winter motorcycle mittens for maximum warmth if needed.

What features of winter motorcycle gloves should I prioritize other than warmth?

Durability, fit and comfort are essential alongside temperature rating. Reinforced palms, knuckles, and fingertips can stand up to miles of riding. An elastic wrist and size chart help ensure a tight seal against cold air. Breathability matters too to wick away sweat inside heated cabins. Thinsulate or similar can insulate even when damp.

How to deal with road grime or moisture in cold weather riding gloves?

Look for gloves with leather or synthetic palms that are easily wiped clean. Water-resistant materials help too. An interior hook-and-loop tab or snap lets you partially open a gauntlet cuff for air flow on hands without removing the whole glove.

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