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Best Field of View Motorcycle Helmet: Full Face Style

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Does the added protection of a full-face helmet come at the cost of losing field of view and hearing? No, it’s an argument of the past. Modern full-face helmets don’t block your vision or hearing anymore. But which one is the best field of view motorcycle helmet?

Riding on highways becomes a torture when you have to constantly shift your head from side to side to see what’s coming from behind. To solve this problem, you can try out the amazing O’Neal Sierra II. Best part is, it’s super affordable too!

We’ve compiled a list of 7 motorcycle helmets with the best visibility. No more shifting your head from side to side to see what’s coming from behind!

Best Field of View Motorcycle Helmet: Top 7 Picks

Whether you are budget-conscious or rely heavily on the biggies without worrying about the price tag, we’ve got everyone covered.

One way or another, all these helmets are excellent at what they have been picked for, which is providing the best field of view.

O’Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet

Features We Like

  • Removable/Washable Comfort Liner
  • Height Adjustable Shield
  • Air Vent Holes for Optimal Ventilation
  • Meets DOT and ECE 22.05 Safety Standard

We’ve always been a sucker for helmets that offer the best field of view. When we discovered the O’Neal Sierra II field of view motorcycle helmet, we never looked back.

The design is sleek and minimalistic, and the shell is slim enough to save you from looking like a bobble head. It has the best visibility I’ve ever seen in a motorcycle helmet. Best of all, it’s lightweight and easy to wear.

The helmet protects both your head and vision from dirt while still being accessible to eyeglasses wearers. Unlike other helmets which might offer more protection, the Sierra II strikes a balance between security and workability, making it perfect not only for riders with glasses but also for anyone needing shade from sunlight or debris kicked up by bike tires.

There’s no fogging up the glasses because of the generous airflow through the front vents. Because of the ventilation, you won’t feel any fatigue or headache even after riding long hours.

The Sierra II is perfect for those who like to see everything happening around them while they ride. Best suited for riding on long, rough roads with great visibility and ventilation, this helmet provides a clear field of view that suits my needs perfectly.

The shell and liner are lined with a moisture-wicking material that helps to keep sweat from gathering close to your face, and since the helmet is vented, it pushes air through the interior.

Padded chin strap with double-D safety lock helps keep my head stable while in motion so you can take full advantage of the increased vision range offered by this travel ready product.

The only drawback? It’s a little noisy on the highway and even more with the face shield down. but it does come at a much lower price point than many competitors making up for that.

How’s the Field of View?

O’Neal Sierra II’s field of view is top-notch. How the helmet achieves this wide field of view is through its slim and streamlined design. Full-face motorcycle helmets often have thicker shells and chin bars that can block peripheral vision. However, this one has a very slim and minimalistic shell shape.

This low-profile shell hugs closely to the your head without bulging out. It sits higher on the forehead as well. These ergonomic details maximize what you can see to each side and above/below, while wearing the helmet.

The result is an expansive, nearly unrestricted view of the road and surrounding traffic. This wide field of view is ideal for alertness and safety during long rides on busy roads or highways. It’s the primary reason we recommend this helmet above others.


  • Best field of view
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Great ventilation
  • Protection against wind, sun, dust


  • Noisy on highway
  • Lightweight, but not very flexible

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet

Features We Like

  • Composite shell construction
  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System)
  • Flying Bridge Visor with Velocity Flow Ventilation
  • Easy adjustment

We recently purchased the Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS helmet to use while riding our dual sport motorcycle on a mix of roads and trails.

As adventurous riders who enjoy pushing our motorcycle off-road while still connecting via the pavement from place to place. So, we were looking for a versatile helmet that would provide good protection yet allow for excellent visibility in various riding conditions. After testing out a few highly rated options, the Bell MX-9 seemed to check all the right boxes for our needs.

Right out of the box, we were impressed with how well packaged and presented the helmet was. It came with everything you’d expect—a carrying bag, instruction manual, and even included both a clear and tinted visor.

The helmet itself looks really sharp too, with an aggressive off-road styling perfect for our dual sport rides. When we first tried it on, we were pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the fit was. Although a bit more snug than our previous helmets, it doesn’t cause any pressure points even after long days in the saddle.

Bell clearly designed this helmet with dual sport riders in mind. While the optical clarity of the visor isn’t quite on par with high-end models, it doesn’t distort your vision significantly either.

To our relief, the integrated MIPS system keeps the helmet very lightweight without compromising protection. You barely notice it’s there. Safety features like these give us peace of mind when pushing our limits on more technical terrain.

Wind noise is to be expected with any full-face helmet, but the MX-9 manages it fairly well up to highway speeds with the visor on. Of course, donning some ear protection extends the noise comfort zone.

How’s the Field of View?

The expansive field of view provided by the helmet’s design is truly best-in-class. The extended viewing range from side to side allows riders to easily check their blind spots while navigating traffic. This wide peripheral vision also comes in extremely handy while exploring technical off-road terrain.

Its high eye ports and maximized sight lines give riders an edge when tackling challenging dual sport adventures. With outstanding all-around visibility, this feature alone makes the Bell MX-9 an excellent choice for any adventurous riding that mixes roads with rugged trails.

Bell MX-9 helmet’s versatility and value make it a solid pick for most adventure riders looking for one helmet that does it all. Comfort levels are on par with pricier brands right out of the box. While not perfect in every way, its pros definitely outweigh the minor cons for budget-minded dual sporters like ourselves. We’ll be taking the MX-9 on many more rides to come!


  • Wide field of vision for excellent visibility
  • Integrated and lightweight MIPS protection system
  • Dual-sport styling and design
  • Comes with both clear and tinted visor
  • Good ventilation at highway speeds
  • Competitively priced


  • Visor optics could be clearer
  • Lower edge of visor causes slight distortion
  • Can get noisy without ear protection
  • Cheek pads may be too thick for some faces
  • Optional upgrades like Bluetooth add to costs

TORC T1 Fiberglass Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Features We Like

  • Classic retro styling
  • Wide eye port for excellent field of vision
  • Comfortable removable liner
  • Durable fiberglass composite shell
  • Large vents keep air flowing

We’ve thoroughly tested out the TORC T1 Fiberglass Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, and have come away quite impressed overall. This helmet has a classic vintage style that pays homage to the early days of motorcycling, while still offering modern safety features and performance.

The T1’s fiberglass composite shell provides excellent protection, meeting both DOT and ECE impact standards. The multi-density EPS liner does a great job of absorbing impact energy to safeguard your noggin. Vents keep air flowing on warm rides, with sturdy controls that won’t accidentally shift open at highway speeds.

Comfort is a big plus with this lid. The quick-dry removable liner is very comfortable, and can even be popped in the washing machine for easy cleaning. The padded chin strap offers a secure, yet comfortable fit. We found the T1 runs on the larger side of sizes, so you may want to consider sizing down if between two numbers.

Perhaps the biggest standout feature is the phenomenal field of vision. The large eye port and aggressive slope of the brow bar provide incredible peripheral vision. On twisty backroads or in dense traffic, this wide view boosts confidence and awareness. The anti-scratch, anti-fog polycarbonate face shield is also easy to lift with gloved hands.

Aerodynamics could be slightly improved, as we did notice some head buffeting over 70 mph without a windscreen. But noise levels remain reasonable, even without earplugs. And let’s be honest, most of us aren’t setting land speed records! For cruising around town or enjoying scenic day rides, it does the job nicely.

Now no lid is perfect, and a few minor quibbles remain. Quality control on cosmetic elements could be tighter. Some have also found the thinner chin strap less durable over time. But at its affordable price point, the T1 offers insane value for money that’s tough to beat. Its blend of vintage style, modern features and phenomenal field of vision make it a great choice for both new and experienced riders. We wholeheartedly recommend giving the TORC T1 a spin!

How’s the Field of View?

The aggressive slope of the brow bar and uniquely large eyeport combine to provide a phenomenal 180-degree panoramic view. This is especially noticeable when riding on winding back roads or navigating busy traffic.

With most full-face helmets, your peripheral vision can feel a bit tunnel-like as the shell comes down close to your eyes. Not so with the T1 – it feels like you’re wearing a viewmaster head mounted display of the road ahead!

Observing your surroundings, checking for hazards, and generally feeling immersed in the riding experience are all enhanced, thanks to the helmet’s truly expansive visibility. When every fraction of a second counts on a bike, having total spatial awareness is invaluable.

The T1’s field of vision is definitely its biggest competitive advantage over similar vintage-styled lids. For riders seeking an optimal view of the ride ahead, while still retaining full-face protection, this helmet absolutely delivers the goods.


  • Protective DOT/ECE safety certification
  • Affordable price point
  • Quick-dry liner can be machine washed
  • Lightweight & comfortable fit
  • Large selection of graphic designs


  • Runs large, need to size down
  • More wind noise over 70 mph
  • Chin strap could be more durable
  • Visor can’t be used at night with chrome option

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Features We Like

  • Excellent field of view with no visual obstruction
  • Comfortable and ventilated design
  • Flip-up visor with open/closed face options
  • Integrated Bluetooth controls

The ILM modular helmet is excellent with an unobstructed view and no distortion, the clarity is on par with some of the top modular helmets out there. The expansive vision allows for easy checking of mirrors and looking over your shoulder without restriction. This provides an important safety advantage for lane splitting and checking traffic.

The Bluetooth system worked well for us overall. Calls were clear and we could hear music and GPS directions without issue. The range of up to 1680 feet between connected riders is impressive. Controls on the helmet made it easy to select songs or answer calls while riding. Some early connectivity glitches seem to have been worked out based on other reviews.

Ventilation was effective for most weather. On hot days, cracking open the visor along with adjustable vents kept us comfortable. Fogging was minor unless in a prolonged downpour. Speaking of, the rain guard helped ward off wetness in storms.

Fit was true to size for us and we found the helmet quite comfortable even on long hauls. Removable liner and padding made for easy cleaning too. DOT safety certification provides peace of mind.

On the downside, the chin vent could be a bit larger to reduce fogging in persistent rain. Instructions could also be clearer. But at its reasonable price point, this helmet delivers a lot of value for full-face flip-up use on the road or track day.

How’s the Field of View?

Unlike many full-face helmets that have visors or vents limiting upward and downward vision, this ILM helmet has an absolutely clear, distortion-free field of view. The helmet lacks any awkward angles or blind spots that could potentially obscure important visual cues.

Whether riding on the freeway needing to quickly check surrounding traffic or navigating tight city streets and lane splitting, a full panoramic perspective is invaluable. This helmet excels by providing an unobstructed view comparable to an open-face design within protective full-face coverage.

Getting a true sense of situational awareness through an unrestricted field of vision is absolutely critical to riding safely and making split-second decisions. In this regard, the clarity and visibility provided by this ILM helmet’s design makes it the absolute best choice for riders wanting maximum vision capability.


  • Unrestricted vision
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing and functions
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Removable pads for cleaning
  • Meets safety certifications


  • Instructions lack clarity in places
  • Early models had occasional connectivity issues

LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

Features We Like

  • Wide eye port for excellent field of vision
  • Integrated internal sun visor
  • Quick flip-up chin bar
  • Removable, washable liner
  • Multiple vents for airflow

To start with the positives – this helmet gives you a great field of view. The large eye port means you can see clearly in all directions while riding, which is so important for safety. And with the flip-down internal sun visor, you’ve got options for controlling light and keeping sun/wind out of your eyes as needed.

Ventilation is also pretty good. The vents do a nice job of moving air through on all but the hottest days. And the removable liner is a nice feature; it cleans up easy so you don’t have to deal with a sweaty stinky liner between rides.

The modular chin bar is super handy too. It’s quick and smooth to flip up and down as needed, great for stopping for snacks or chatting at lights. The chin curtain also does a nice job of blocking wind without being restricting.

A few minor downsides – the outer shell does show fingerprints pretty easily. And the air vent can be a bit noisy at high speeds. But overall this helmet punches way above its price point in features and quality.

A few tips – by adding the optional pinlock visor insert, it almost eliminates fogging issues, which is huge for comfort. And going up a size on the cheek pads made the fit just right for my head shape. With those small adjustments, it’s been a dream to ride with.

How’s the Field of View?

The wide eye port on this helmet allows for an exceptionally clear and expansive view of the road ahead and to the sides. As a rider, having maximum visibility is extremely important for awareness and safety when navigating traffic. A field of vision that is too restricted can limit your peripheral view and ability to scan your surroundings.

The LS2’s eye port design eliminates this issue. It provides an almost unhindered line of sight so you feel confident knowing what’s happening all around you on every ride. This can be crucial for spotting hazards, navigating intersections, and performing shoulder checks. You don’t want anything cramping your visual range while in motion on a motorcycle.

With such a clear and panoramic field, you can fully concentrate on the ride without worrying about blind spots in your vision. It’s reassuring as a rider to have that full awareness enabled by the helmet’s design.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fog/sun protection
  • Value for features
  • Easy on/off airflow


  • Outer shell shows fingerprints
  • Air vent can be noisy at high speeds
  • May require cheek pad size adjustment

ScorpionEXO AT950 Modular Full Face Motorcycle Adventure Helmet

Features We Like

  • Wide eye port for excellent field of vision
  • Plush removable liner for all-day comfort
  • Modular design with easily flip-up chin bar
  • Integrated sun visor and anti-fog face shield
  • Lightweight yet durable polycarbonate shell

Comfort and fit were top priorities for us. The AT950 didn’t disappoint—the multi-layer EPS liner feels plush without compromising protection. It contours naturally to different head shapes, thanks to the 3 shell sizes. As riders who wear glasses, we loved the KwikFit cheek pads that prevent rubbing. The breathable liner fabric keeps you cool on hot rides too.

Visibility is stunning with this helmet. The large eye port gives an expansive field of view both horizontally and vertically. It really puts your mind at ease in traffic. The optically clear, polycarbonate face shield delivers great clarity as well. On long rides, we had no issues with fogging or glare.

Ventilation is actually quite good for a full face. The dual position chin vent gets lots of air moving on warm days. The top vent works well at speed too. On our last trip, it kept us comfortable even in 90 degree heat. The removable peak also helps circulation on multiday tours.

Modularity is handy for stopping for snacks or chatting at fuel stops too. The flip up chin bar opens smoothly with one hand. Bonus points for the included drop down sun visor—it’s perfect for descending shady mountain roads.

Safety features like the multi-density liner and reinforced shell give us peace of mind. We’re also fans of the ratchet shield tightening mechanism. It feels rock solid at highway speeds.

The helmet is on the heavier side against ultra-lights. But the protective qualities far outweigh that small tradeoff. Noise level is decent for a full face but could be quieter at super high speeds.

How’s the Field of View?

The oversized eye port is maximized for vision without compromising structural integrity. It provides an exceedingly wide and tall viewing range, allowing awareness of one’s complete surroundings with minimal head movement.

This advanced visibility means greater safety and confidence on the road. Hazard detection is improved whether glancing through corners, checking mirrors/gauges or navigating complex traffic. Blind spots are also significantly reduced compared to more closed-off helmets.

The broad sightlines feel especially reassuring on longer rides or night rides when visual perception is key. It enhances the riding experience by making even mundane commutes feel exhilarating.

For anyone valuing an unobstructed perspective, this eye port truly delivers. The warping effect that plagues some other helmets is non-existent here. Objects appear clearly defined and distortion-free.


  • Great ventilation for hot weather rides
  • Secure and rattle-free ratchet shield system
  • Multiple sizes for an optimized fit
  • Quality construction and protective design


  • Heavier than some minimal helmets
  • Slightly noisy at extreme high speeds
  • Base model lacks Bluetooth integration

Shoei GT-Air 2 Helmet (Medium) (Silver)

Features We Like

  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Comfortable padding with excellent ventilation
  • Clear, anti-fog coated visor and integrated sun shield
  • Quiet design with minimal wind noise
  • Quick release for optional communication systems

Comfort was a top priority for us, and the GT-Air 2 delivers. The padding is well-cushioned but fairly firm, creating a snug and supportive fit without being restrictive. It contours nicely to our heads without pressure points even on rides extending past the four-hour mark. Ventilation has been very good too—air flows freely through the vents to keep us from overheating on warmer days.

Safety is another big plus. This helmet feels solidly constructed and complies with the strictest safety standards. The integrated sun visor is a thoughtful touch that helps reduce glare without compromising integrity. It gives us added confidence to explore new roads.

Functionality has also been impressive. The anti-fog pinlock insert does its job well, so we’ve always had a clear view of the road. Both the main shield and inner sun visor are easy to adjust even with gloves on. All controls are logically positioned. We also appreciate the quietness—it does a great job blocking out wind noise at highway speeds.

Aesthetically, we think the GT-Air 2 has a sleek, understated look that we like. It certainly catches fewer bugs than our previous half helmets too! The painted graphics have held up well with no chipping or fading either.

About the only minor downside is that the chin strap can feel a bit tight on longer rides. It doesn’t cause discomfort, but we think a less restrictive buckle design might improve long-term wear. Luckily aftermarket options are available if needed.

How’s the Field of View

Out of all the GT-Air 2’s strengths, we think its field of vision is the standout feature. With many helmets, you feel constrained by limited downward and peripheral visibility. Not so with this Shoei model.

The optics are engineered to maximize the ride experience. The face shield is perfectly optically correct, so your vision isn’t distorted at all. You also benefit from an expansive 180 degree panoramic view thanks to a low-profile shell design.

This means you can easily spot hazards all around without craning your neck. It’s easy to check for cars when merging or changing lanes. Twist your head to check your blind spots, and you’re not met with any visual obstructions.

As cruise riders, this clarity and spacious field was really impressive. We didn’t feel enclosed or hampered in any way. It made situational awareness on longer trips a breeze, and induced confidence on new roads.

Even at legal speeds, helm visibility can degrade quickly for some. But the GT-Air 2 delivers Rolling at any pace, you maintain an outlook that gives you command of what’s happening around you. We think this superior vision makes the helmet an asset for touring riding above all else.


  • Comfort for long rides
  • Excellent field of vision
  • Quality feel and safety certifications
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Aerodynamic stability at speed


  • Potentially tight chin strap for some
  • Sun shield has limits at dawn/dusk
  • Higher price point than some brands

FAQs About Motorcycle Helmets With a Field of View

What is field of view in a motorcycle helmet?

Field of view refers to how much of your visual periphery is accessible while wearing a helmet. A wider field of view allows you to see more of your surroundings without having to turn your head as much.

How does field of view affect riding safety?

A wider field of view means you can spot potential hazards sooner. However, very wide fields of view may compromise structural integrity and increase wind noise at high speeds. Most experts recommend at least 100-110 degrees of visible field.

What helmet styles typically have the best field of view?

Modular “flip-up” helmets and some open-face helmets generally provide the widest field of view since the chin bar isn’t as restrictive. Full-face helmets can vary but motorcycle-specific designs prioritize visibility.

How do I determine a helmet’s actual field of view?

Often the only way is to try various helmets on yourself. Look for details on the manufacturer’s stated field of view as well as online reviews from riders comparing different models. Some high-end helmets list the field of view measurements.

Do tinted or transition lenses affect field of view?

Yes, any type of optical treatment on a helmet’s face shield/windows will likely reduce your field of view slightly compared to a clear shield. Dark tints and transition lenses are popular but choose lenses with high light transmittance to minimize restriction.

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