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K&N Motorcycle Air Filter Review: Better Than Stock Filters?

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If you wanted to see how the air filter holds up to real-world use cases, we took it for a test ride and brought a detailed K&N motorcycle air filter review.

K&N is the world’s largest manufacturer of air filters for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. It has a high brand value in the automotive industry, known for making products with top-grade materials and premium designs.

The K&N motorcycle air filter was made with one thing in mind: performance. And by performance, we don’t mean just having a filter that works better than another. It should:

  • Improve your engine performance dramatically;
  • Increase acceleration throughout the RPM range;
  • Boost fuel efficiency; and
  • Reduce emissions at the same time.

And the K&N air filter does all of these things.

K&N Motorcycle Air Filter Review

K&N Motorcycle Air Filter

The air filter is designed to increase airflow and engine performance in your bike, which results in better power delivery and an improved throttle response. The difference is immediately noticeable after the installation.

K&N Motorcycle Air Filter

🎯What We Love

  • Allows more airflow than stock filters
  • Improves engine efficiency
  • Lasts the lifetime of a motorbike
  • Washable and reusable

â›”Things To Consider

  • May need modifications for installation
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Expensive

It has a simple mechanism for increasing airflow to your engine by filtering out dirt and debris.

As a result, the engine gets more power and better acceleration at street-legal speeds. And all these things help with producing more miles per gallon.

Think about it—every time you ride down a dusty road or through puddles, your engine is sucking up anything from specks of sand to large rocks. It wears down the machine over time.

Not only that, but excess dirt getting into your carburetor will clog up jets and cause poor performance or even stalling.

But the K&N motorcycle air filter brings a completely different experience on the table. Let’s see what it offers:

Designed for Better Performance

Doing comparison shopping can be exhausting, and we know that when you’re shopping for a motorcycle air filter, you want something that will last for years.
The K&N air filter lasts for a long time, which means less money spent on upkeep and more time spent enjoying your ride.

One of the best things about the filters is that their design is suitable for motorcycles. It includes the perfect blend of cotton gauze and wire mesh to make it durable, and its pleated design traps more dirt and dust than products from other brands.

The rubber base protects the engine from any dirt caught in the filter, ensuring that your motorcycle will remain in good condition for years to come.

If you own a Harley Davidson (2001 – 2008), use this K&N filter instead.

K&N air filter for Harley Davidson
A K&N air filter for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Increases Engine Efficiency

Maybe it’s time to switch out the disposable paper filter that came with your bike and upgrade to a high-performance K&N filter. A K&N filter is custom-made to order, so it fits right into your bike’s airbox just like the original.

And here’s the best part: it lets in 50% more air than those pesky disposable filters do. That means more engine efficiency, more horsepower and torque, less clogging, better airflow, and all-around protection of your engine from harmful contaminants.

The filter uses centrifugal force to separate dirt from the clean airflow, which means it’s more effective at filtering out dust, dirt, and debris than disposable filters. It also stays cleaner and doesn’t clog up quickly.

It’s excellent news for your engine because you can go longer between cleaning or replacing your filter. Also, a clogged filter reduces acceleration by up to 10%. So the K&N filter will let your bike get going faster.

K&N motorcycle air filter review
A K&N motorcycle air filter.

Replacing the stock air filter with a K&N filter guarantees better fuel economy. Better airflow translates into an improved throttle response, reducing fuel consumption.

If you’re looking for a new air filter for your motorcycle and want to ensure that your engine is getting all of the air it needs to operate at peak performance, look no further than the K&N air filter.

Saves Money and Environment

K&N filters are washable and reusable, and they will last the lifetime of your motorbike. You can clean and re-use it for a very long time. So, you will be saving money and the environment by not buying filters that will get thrown out every time.

With traditional disposable filters, you have to replace them frequently due to clogging or damage caused by foreign particles. This K&N motorbike air filter allows you to use your engine at its full potential by keeping the dirt at bay.

It even protects your engine from damage caused by larger particles that other filters allow through. Complete engine protection saves you money on costly repairs down the road.

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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Want to enjoy the benefits of a K&N motorcycle air filter without having to go through the hassle of buying a new one every time your old one gets gunked up?

Well, you can. The key is maintenance. K&N filters are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned with a cleaning agent and water.

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Cleans all oiled K&N air filters | Includes power Kleen | Includes K&N red filter oil

K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Purchase this filter cleaning kit from the K&N brand to make the job easier. It will restore the filter’s performance and make it work like new.

Follow these steps for a proper cleaning:

  1. Remove it from your bike and spray it with a degreaser.
  2. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then use your compressor or garden hose (in spray mode) to remove as much of that dirt and grease as possible.
  3. Apply filter oil after the filter dries up.
  4. Put it back into your bike and ride around like a pro!

Be careful about applying filter oil. Too much can send some oil inside and damage the speed density system. Follow the instructions on the cleaning kit to stay safe.

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How to Install the K&N Motorcycle Air Filter

The K&N air filter is designed for motorcycles, but you can’t directly plug it into the carburetor of some models.

In that case, you need to do some manual modifications to set the filter correctly. Your first task is to extend the carburetor pipe. You can purchase an extra tube from the aftermarket or use parts of the stock filter.

k&n motorcycle air filter
Installing the K&N filter.

There should be adequate space between the air filter and carburetor, or the fuel won’t combust properly. The bike can’t crank up its full speed without proper combustion, and the air filter may also fall from its position. So, you will need to place the filter a little behind the usual location of the stock filter.

For some bike models, you may need to trim the stock filter’s hose if it gets in the way. Just plastic-weld it when you are done installing the new air filter.

Avid riders can take full advantage of K&N air filters. People who care about maximizing the bike’s engine performance to squeeze every last ounce of thrill out of every ride will appreciate the filter’s performance boost. All K&N filters are made with top-of-the-line materials that can handle just about any road and weather.

FAQs about K&N Motorcycle Air Filter

Do K&N air filters make a difference on a motorcycle?

Of course, they do. They improve the engine’s performance and help it crank at the maximum speed. But they don’t change how the motorcycles sound.

What are the disadvantages of a K&N air filter?

A K&N filter may need some modifications to fit into the air intake of your motorbike. Also, if you apply too much oil during maintenance, the extra oil may build up in the speed density system.

How much horsepower do you gain with a K&N air filter?

Instead of adding horsepower, it helps the engine utilize the power it already has. The K&N filter supplies more airflow than the stock filter to the combustion chamber, enabling the fuel to burn properly. Proper fuel burning allows the engine to perform and speed up at its maximum capacity.

Are K&N air filters better than OEM?

Except for the price, the K&N air filters are better than the OEM filters in every aspect. They provide superior airflow for the same mileage and last for years upon proper maintenance.

Do K&N filters damage MAF?

A motorcycle does not use a MAF. Instead, it has a speed density system that does almost a similar job. The filter can cause an oil buildup in the system if you apply too much oil while cleaning it.

Do K&N filters improve performance?

Better airflow in the engine allows clean fuel-burning, boosting a motorcycle’s performance. So yes, a K&N filter improves performance because it lets in around 50% more air than the stock filter.

Is a K&N air filter worth it?

Having a hard time justifying the price of K&N air filters? They are reusable and likely to last your motorbike’s lifespan, making them worth the money. They will make up for the upfront cost with life-long services.

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